LONDON (Agencies) :Austria has said that it has no plans to encourage any member of the Iranian dissident group Mujahedeen Khalq to take refuge in the country, according to a report published in the London-based Arabic daily Al Zaman on Wednesday. In the report, Al Zaman quoted a Western diplomats as saying Austria "does not encourage Mujahedeen Khalq members to seek refuge there" and said the diplomats were commenting on reports that European countries were starting to host Mujahedeen members fleeing from Iraq or being forced out. The report followed a recent decision by Austria to accept immigration applications by members of the Mujahedeen coupled with unconfirmed reports about repatriating members of the same group to other European countries. "Austria is not politically concerned with Mujahedeen Khalq in the first place," the newspapers quoted one diplomat as saying, adding that this European country has its own refugee acceptance criteria. Austria recently hosted Iranians whose refugee status met its own laws, the source was quoted as saying.