It seems that MKO has found that repeating US accusations against Iran is the best way it can try to remove its name from terrorists list. During recent days, the remnants of this group in the US and Europe have focused their efforts on lifting their name from terrorist groups list. Alireza Ja’farzadeh, a spokesman for the group in Washington, today morning and in an interview with Washington Post, claimed that “Iran is capable of producing nuclear bomb and that Iranian regime now has the capability of mass production of biological material for weapons use.” Ja’farzadeh told Washington Post that the group has scheduled a news conference today in Washington to release more details. There are 2 main points about this conference and interview: 1- As the United States has introduced this group as a terrorist group and is disarming it in Iraq, how are they allowed to have news conference in Washington? This is a question that US officials have evaded answering. Most important, MKO supporter lobby in the US Congress should answer this question that “have they forgotten Taliban’s case and they’re still thinking of supporting a terrorist group?” 2- It seems that the amount of MKO’s information and its detail has a direct relationship with their critical situation, whether in Iraq crisis or now that their group has an ambiguous future. They’re now repeating accusations against Iran with more strength. In the end, it should be said that holding such conferences is deeply contradictory to America’s diplomacy.