Mojahedin, Deceiving French Court
The court of Sergie Poantaz has canceled the order of French interior minister that a woman, MKO member, should leave the country. According to Liberation, among 165 member and supporter of MKO who were detained, Fatimah Hoafer got the order to leave the country on June 17th. According to the Minister, this expel " is necessary for the security of the nation and public and is really emergency." Fatimah Hoafer was under supervison in hotel in La Courtin. Her lawyers had written to the judge that the life of their client is in danger and she is suffering from a kind of psychological situation. The court accepted their words. Liberation adds that lawyers of 3 other MKO members who have received the same order are optimistic about the end of trial. One of these guys is Behzad Moezi who will possibly be introduced by Mojahedin as a forgivable refugee.