According to US military officials
According to US military officials, the cease-fire agreement with MKO was signed two weeks ago in an MKO base in Iraq and according to this agreement they’re allowed to keep their weapons. According to NY Times, in an statement issued by the US command Headquarters in Iraq it’s been mentioned that “this cease-fire” agreement was signed between a coalition commander and Mehdi Baraee, one of MKOs military members. Officials say that according to this agreement, US forces have agreed not to perform any hostile act against Mojahedin and don’t damage their vehicles or property. Instead, Mojahedin have vowed not to destroy any state property in Iraq and set their artillery in a non-threatening position toward coalition forces. NY Times wrote: “this agreement is US’s first agreement with a terrorist organization and this raises many questions about US’s case of global campaign against terrorism.” According to this report one US military officer has said that he expects that a new agreement on MKOs capitulation will be signed in the following days and that this group will eventually have to give up its weapons. According to a US official who has spoken on condition of anonymity, stopping the bombardment of MKO bases doesn’t mean that this group’s position as a terrorist group has changed. This is only a “cease-fire” and nothing more. This paper quoted a high-ranking US official saying that we are reviewing some long-term options for treating this group and its weapons.

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