Daricheh website- two members of Mojahedin, who had been captured by PUK forces in Kurdistan, explained the situation of
Daricheh website- two members of Mojahedin, who had been captured by PUK forces in Kurdistan, explained the situation of their group. A part of what they said is as follows: - an ultimatum meeting was held in Ashraf base: in January 2003, in a meeting in Ashraf Base, Masoud Rajavi said: “now, at the time of Iraq crisis, when the US is going to attack Iraq, we want to clarify the internal divisions. Those who want to go can go right now. After the war no one will be allowed to leave here.” Rajavi said: “we have 3 situations ahead: 1- the war will takes place, 2- the war won’t take place, 3-toppling.” After explaining these situations, about toppling he said: “whether the war happens or not, we will continue the issue of toppling and we keep ourselves ready. In the case of Saddam’s toppling we will attack Iran.” - the meeting of Husseinite Ashura and Tasua (the funeral ceremonies which are held in the memory of Imam Hussein, the leader of Shiites) “in March 2003, a meeting was held due to Husseinite Ashura in Ashraf Base in which most of the members were present. In this meeting, in a symbolic act, Maryam-e Qajar (Rajavi) read written prayers! and after her Masoud had a hot speech for members which was followed by reading written prayers! They made a religious atmosphere. In this meeting, Masoud reminded of January’s meeting and explained about toppling and introduced 3 stages to the members: a- forces will be scattered with their personal weapons b- all heavy weapons should be scattered (artillery, tanks, …) c- attacking the Islamic republic of Iran in this meeting he talked about the political reasons by which the US wanted to attack Iran and added: “we won’t enter an unwanted war. This will be our policy during the war.” It is amazing to know that one of these tow captives explained the reason why MKOs didn’t accomplish toppling stage: “Rajavi never wanted to attack Iran, rather he wanted to line up and make Iran to attack his forces. By this, he could justify future disarmament and scandals and he could continue his political life for a while.” 3- Anzali Base in Jalulah was abandoned 3 days before the US attacks, MKO ordered its forces to leave bases with their weapons and in fact the 1st and 2nd stages were combined. They had specified the places for tanks before. Forces left the “Anzali” Base at sunset. After passing Jalulah Bridge we entered the city and we moved toward our pre-planned places. During the way, we were supported by Iraqi forces. During this period of time, there were some guards in the base, so there was some kind of movement inside the base. We hadn’t had any radio talks because we believed that we may be tracked. We observed all security measures during the way.” For years, Masoud Rajavi has said that MKO will topple the regime; but as these captives said the purpose isn’t to attack Iran rather it’s to instigate Iran to enter Iraqi soil and take advantage of that. This is what they use in their propagandas.

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