It’s more than two years now since I escaped from Rajavi. In these 2 years I have gone under medical treatment.
It’s more than two years now since I escaped from Rajavi. In these 2 years I have gone under medical treatment. Whenever my friends, or aid institutions or international anti-torture group see me and I explain my story for them, they ask me to go to legal courts and ask for help. But I have never said anything. I have not published even a paper yet. Recently I thought to myself that this is my society’s right to find what has happened to me. They have the right to find painful facts… Several requests and Mr. Il Beigi’s letter reminded me of the importance of the case. It’s really hard because whenever I think of my past memories and I review its pictures I lose my control and my stomach starts bleeding. However, according to my duty I try to write a small part of facts that I have witnessed myself. I had to write a letter to Italy’s office in Baghdad and say that “I (Jamshid-e Tahmasby) have changed my mind and I don’t want to go to Italy anymore. Rather I’d like to stay in Iraq and with so-called national liberation army. But I didn’t write such a letter. Following this, in full surprise and shock, I faced a wild animal called “Nader-e Rafi’ Nejad”. I’m ashamed of explaining what happened in this facing. I didn’t understand anything when they put my half-dead body into a cell. I couldn’t believe that. It was like a dream. I wish I weren’t alive. I tried to find something to commit suicide. Finally I found some detergent powder, which they had brought earlier to wash the blood from walls but they had forgotten it. I mixed it with water and I drank it. But after a while a deadly and unbearable pain came to me and following that my stomach started bleeding… It was so painful that I clawed the ground and scratched it. I shouted but nobody cared. They left me with myself. I scratched the cement ground of the cell so that blood came from my fingers but I didn’t feel that because the pain of stomach was so bad. Moahmmed Sadat-e Darbandari (Adel) head of the jailors and Majid-e Alamian had come to my cell and said that “you want us to take you to hospital to escape…” I don’t know how long it took, but when I woke up they had injected a serum to me. Mehdi Abrishamchi, Mahvash-e Sepehri (Nasrin) and Ebrahim Zakeri stood there right beside me. Mehdi Abrishamchi had promised Italy’s office to give my Passport to them in order to transfer me to Italy from Iraq, but they didn’t want me to go… At that time they pressed me to make me surrender and they tried to force me sign a letter. But it was useless. Now, after years of medical treatments I still have problems with my stomach. When my doctor wanted to have a surgery on my stomach he said that he was surprised that I was alive. Jamshid-e Tahmasebi

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