One other allegation was made against Saddam
One other allegation was made against Saddam: that he supported terrorism. Bush meant al-Qa’ida, but in fact Saddam was guilty of supporting another group that was on the US’s terrorist list: the Mujahideen-e Khalq Organization (MKO). This group was financed, protected, armed and trained by Saddam’s regime to be used against the people and leadership of Islamic Iran. In the eighties and nineties these thugs killed thousands of civilians and leaders of the Islamic Revolution. They placed bombs in marketplaces, in trains and on buses, and their agents (who had infiltrated the government) planted bombs in government buildings. During their campaign, the group assassinated a chief justice, five cabinet ministers, 19 MPs, a president, a prime minister and scores of thinkers and ulama. In 1997 the US state department finally placed the MKO on its list, although that did not deter 150 American congressmen and women from supporting it. To this day the MKO maintains offices only a few blocks away from the White House, without its members being apprehended. Here is why: in addition to US congressmen, a number of zionists also support them. In an op-ed piece in the Washington Post on May 20, Daniel Pipes and Patrick Clawson wrote that the MKO is "not your typical anti-Western group, but an organization with a strong political presence in Western capitals". Both men are extremely hostile to Muslims. Pipes, a self-styled "expert on Islam and the Middle East", is director of the Middle East Forum; Clawson is deputy director of the zionist-established and -funded Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The duo asked the rhetorical question: "Is the MEK [ie. the MKO] a terrorist group? No. It used terrorism decades ago, when its members attacked Americans. For the last 15 years, however, the MEK has been organized as an army, and its only violent actions have been directed against the Iranian regime." So apparently it is all right to murder the people and leaders of Iran; only people who oppose or fight the US are terrorists. They then suggested that the MKO be used for intelligence-gathering and for propaganda purposes against the Islamic Republic. The US government has had little problem with the MKO terrorists. On April 15 the US army in Iraq signed a cease-fire agreement with the group, permitting it to keep its weapons for use against those Iraqis who oppose the occupiers, as well as for attacks against Iran. To the US anyone who supports America’s agenda, even a group of thugs, is welcome.

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