with the end of Iraq’s war and the fall of Saddam, the situation of present forces in political scene becomes more and
Dear Compatriots, Political Freedom and independence-seeking forces Now, with the end of Iraq’s war and the fall of Saddam, the situation of present forces in political scene becomes more and more clear. Among this, the destiny of Mojahedin, as a force that has been serving Saddam for more than 16 years and has move its political and organizational purposes forward, with full disarmament has now come to an end. The disarmament of MKO forces, which was done on Saturday by US troops, proved our point of view indicating that US-MKO agreement (about allowing them to keep their weapons in Iraq) is not a stable one. We, as a part of former officials and members of Mojahedin organization, who represent the dissident voices inside the organization, announced many years ago that false strategy of the organization will fail but the leader of the organization answered us with suppression and prison. We welcome the current situation, that has preserved the health of the organization from current events, and believe that catastrophic plans such as “Eternal Light 2” have not been accomplished due to political efforts. On the other hand we have shown and disclosed the real, pragmatic face of Mojahedin’s leadership and Masoud Rajavi, who has always sought power in political deals, to the world. This is how it’s proved that leadership of the organization hasn’t had a proper interpretation of Iran’s situation and has acted as a barrier in the way of democratic campaign and it’s surprising that it has never accepted any criticisms during past 30 years. Now, that the situation of the organization has reached this point, we consider Mr. Rajavi is the only responsible for this situation and regarding humanitarian issues we ask the following: 1- According to news agencies, the US army is in full control of MKOs in Iraq, so we know Americans as responsible for the security of MKO members. 2- Low-ranking members of the organization have been kept in inhumane situation for years and have been ruled by tyranny, so their basic social rights should be considered and they should have the right to select a 3rd country by UN. In order to pave the way for this, we ask the office of the UN in Iraq to settle a group of its employees in Ashraf Base. Some political trends inside the United States don’t pay attention to this point that they can’t use MKOs as a tool for their own benefits because people of Iran hate this group.

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