Iran-interlink has published a letter about Ebrahim Khoda Bandeh and Bassam Jamil, who were delivered to Iran by Syria. In this letter which has been written to Mr. Rajavi, the realities about this case are revealed:
Iran-interlink has published a letter about Ebrahim Khoda Bandeh and Bassam Jamil, who were delivered to Iran by Syria. In this letter which has been written to Mr. Rajavi, the realities about this case are revealed: "Open letter to Mr Massoud Rajavi Mr Rajavi, On the 15 June 2003 you suddenly issued three statements under your NCRI pseudonym crying wolf, saying ‘help, help Jamil Bassam and Ebrahim Khodabandeh have been handed over to Iran by the Syrian authorities. Shock, horror.’ But, by the way, you didn’t say why they were in Syria. You didn’t state from what date it has not been a crime for the Mojahedin to see their families. You didn’t say which donkey from your intelligence stable chose Syria for families to meet. You didn’t say that, following your orders, Ebrahim didn’t see his English daughter and grandchildren in the UK more than six or seven times in all their lives. Nor did you say that for twenty-five years Ebrahim didn’t see his mother more than once or that Jamil had not seen his mother at all for two decades. And you have not said a thousand other things which have since surfaced in the past few days. In truth, Mr Rajavi, instead of giving the scheduled time of flights from Syria to Iran, was it not better to explain in your statement why you had sent Jamil and Ebrahim to Syria in the first place. Wasn’t it better that, instead of giving the serial numbers of their travel documents, you said what documents they were carrying and for what offence they were arrested. And wasn’t it better, rather than stressing that they were arrested on 18 April and had been in a Syrian prison until now, that you explained what it was that you and your organisation were hiding for the two months that you were suffocated and couldn’t speak to any international agency of these arrests. Why was it that Amnesty International, the UNHCR and the families of these two people and other agencies which could have been of help were given the news by the National Council of Resistance of Iran only two months after the arrest and exactly on the day that you had made certain that they were now in Iran. Really Mr Rajavi, when, in the middle of the night of 15 June, Ms Mehrafruz Paykarnegar, one your devotees, called from the Paris office of your Council to the daughter of Ebrahim, who had only given birth to her new baby four weeks earlier, and told her “your father was taken to Iran yesterday and they are going to execute him tomorrow, come to London for a demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy tomorrow morning”, did you not think that she might need a few words of explanation? The next day when you sent Ms Mitra Baqeri from London to convince her to participate in your press conference, even in her post-natal condition, didn’t you think that saying sentences like “how come you can sit in your comfortable house while your father is lying on the torture bed”, would make the distressing situation that you have already created for her even worse. Or maybe this actually is your aim, and one of your tactics is to unbalance people in this way in order to use them as you wish, otherwise you wouldn’t at the same time send a telephone message from one of your rats houses in London under the name of Mahmoud (which telephone number is already known and the identity of the person is under investigation) telling her “if it was my father I would burn myself in front of parliament right now”. Didn’t you think that when the mother of Ebrahim’s daughter’s refused to participate in your meetings and you brought Ms Elahe Azimfar to sit in the press conference to pose as Ebrahim’s wife that it would have been better if you had explained a little bit about the forced separation and divorces in the Mojahedin in the last twenty years on your direct order which has stopped any marriage and created a gender apartheid in the organisation. And after all, didn’t you think that all these lies and cheap deception would not last for more than just a few days. Really Mr Rajavi, with all those MPs and lawyers on whom, as Mitra Baqeri stressed, you spent tens of thousands of pounds in order to have the Syrians release Jamil and Ebrahim, couldn’t you, together with the rest of the geniuses surrounding you, come to the conclusion that they would have to do something before their extradition to Iran and not after? And really, if you had involved only a little bit of intelligence, do you think anybody would accept that you believed these two people to be anything but expendable. You know and we know that this wasn’t your first time. …. Iran-Interlink 22 June 2003 Read the full letter at