A political article in MKO’s “Nabard-e Khalq” by Mehdi Same’ is a new tactic of Mojahedin to win the support of Americans and
A political article in MKO’s “Nabard-e Khalq” by Mehdi Same’ is a new tactic of Mojahedin to win the support of Americans and to show clearly the plan of being removed from terrorists list which was put in the agenda by the US and UK after their disarmament. Notice to these words: “in Israel and Palestine, from Saturday (may 17) to Monday (may 19) a number of soldiers of Israeli soldiers along with terrorists were killed in Al-Khalil, Jerusalem and Kafar Darum township in Gaza strip. All this, which happened due to suicide attacks, showed another aspect of Barbarism in our world!!! Then, Mr. Same’ directs his new masters to be tougher in campaign against terrorism and adds: “if they were trialed, Islamic terrorism wouldn’t be able to show off today in this way.” To talk in such a way, same’ had some different approaches; with the culture of National Council of Resistance, one can say to Same’ and other Rajavis: “these talks are a result of being sold, defeated, despair and …” One can refer to reality of these words and warned other terrorists that: it’s clear that such a way of speaking, at the current situation, is a result of being entangled in a terroristic deadlock, being unable, and a result of lack of balance between civilization and factional ideologies and most important of all the result of acting as a mercenary for dictators and theocrats such as Saddam Hussein. But, it is also necessary to remind of some facts; that it was clear since years ago that Mojahedin’s powerful lobby in Congress are supporters of Zionism, and the words of Mr. Same’ are along the directions of these very guys. And on the other hand, these guys are dictating US policies, at top of which is becoming closer to Israel, for MKOs. Another fact that should be noticed about Mr. Same is that Rajavi uses this man only for such king of talking and insulting Muslims and nothing else. Otherwise, Mr. Rajavi has shown himself before in the fight against “islamic terrorism.” Hard evidences show that at least 3 mass graves, which includes the corpses of innocent bodies of Iraqi people, in iraq are the gifts of Mr. Rajavi’s group. The documents of this crime have been delivered to world community to judge about this group impartially. If there’s a justice, this time Mr. Rajavi should be trialed.