The latest situation of Mojahedin
After clashes on Thursday and Friday in Khaniqin, Jelula and Meqdadiah which led to the killing of 18 Mojaheds, reports indicate that several members of this group have been captured by PUK. Mojaheidn Units, who are frightened, have taken back to Baqubah and Ashraf Base. There are reports that PUK yesterday’s attacks were on these two regions in which 10 mojaheds were killed. Kurdsat TV channel, which is related to Iraq’s PUK, reported on Sunday that the city of Baqubah has been freed. PUK added: “this city was freed from Iraqis’ control by Kurds and by cooperation of coalition forces.” Thus, they are now under siege in a region between Baqubah and Khales called “Mansooriah.” This region includes common military bases of Iraq and Mojahedin (such as Mansooriah base and Boniad Alavi), maneuver grounds of Hamrin, and Mojahedin’s exclusive base called “Ashraf.” Their base in Kut is now abandoned and no on is there anymore. At the time being, Mojahedin forces have no communication with Baghdad or other cities. The countdown has started to determine their situation. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Masoud Rajavi and his wife are now hidden in a safe place south of Iraq, and forces in Ashraf base are ordered to resist against attacks. This order has been issued, so that all Mojahedin forces will be killed and none of them can return to Iran and Rajavi can escape more easier with a small group.