Mojahedin’s Military arrangement in fight with Americans
While Americans have stated several times that Mojahedin members are considered as combatants, Mojahedin have directly clashed with Kurds and Americans accompanying them under the excuse of “these troops closing to their positions”. Now, Mojahedin have divided into groups of 50 persons (which they call it a division) and have been managed in Iraqi army. They clash with Kurds as infantry division. In this regard a few hours ago Jonathan S.Landy, the Knight Ridder’s reporter, wrote for Washington Bureau that: “Iraqis shelters in Mirvari mountain have been targeted and have taken back to Kirkuk, Tuz Khormatu and Khaniqin. It was almost certain that air strikes in the Khanaqin area also have been targeting the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, an Iranian rebel group armed and financed by Saddam. He reminds that special forces accompanying Kurds are suppressing the remnants of Iraqi defense.