the news of arresting MKO terrorist in Karbala has had a wide reflection in the world media
News of capturing a MKO agent in Karbala, who had two Iranian-Norwegian passports and had admitted to having terrorist operation plan, has had wide reflection in different media. Al-Zaman newspaper quoted AFP: "spokesman of Karbala Police said that an Iranian captured in Karbala has entered Iraq with the aid of Mojahedin to provide preliminaries for terrorist attack against interim government." According to this report, Iraqi police announced that 9 Afghans and 10 Iranians, who had illegally came to Iraq to conduct terrorist operations, were arrested on Thursday. Al-Zaman adds: "Rahman Amshavi, spokesman of the police in Karbala, has said that these Iranians and Afghans were arrested while inspecting a hotel in Karbala. They are accused of entering Iraq illegally. One of the captured Iranians has come to Iraq with the help of Mojahedin-e Khalq (armed Iranian opposition group) to provide preliminaries for terrorist attack against Iraq interim government. He carried Iranian and Norwegian visas."