MKO members families signed petition and asked international community to help their loved ones be freed from terrorist MKO
A number of members of Nejat Association in Isfahan signed a petition, calling international community to put pressure on MKO leaders in order to free their loved ones. In this petition which addressed UN, Red Cross, UK embassy and the office of US interests in Tehran, MKO members families asked for trial of MKO leaders. According to Nejat Association, in the meeting of members of this association, almost 150 families of MKO members ( who are now in Iraq in MKO camp) were present. This meeting was held on the occasion of the returning of Ramadhanali Saeedy – who had cooperated with Mojahedin for 17 years in Iraq and returned to Iran two weeks ago. After returning, he could get back to his family. Saeedy and another defected member of Mojahedin explained the critical situation of deceived members in Iraq. Referring to the good treatment of Iranian officials at their return, they said other members would return after the destruction of the group. They asked for continuation of meeting members in Iraq in order to press terrorist Mojahedin and pave the way for return of other members.