Mojahedin claim that these people have been new recruits and were not able to bear the difficulties. And use the request of these members to leave the group as a justification for their own claims. Neither were these people new members nor had they asked for cooperation with the MKO; but they are the ones who started a full fight for their freedom with dirty Mafia of Mojahedin.
100 former MKO members who have recently returned to Iran have stories in their hearts which prove how anti-humane this terrorist organization is. Agents of this organization had resorted to dirtiest Mafia methods to capture these members. Most of them are people who had been deceived into Camp Ashraf with the promise of a good job and a salary of 3000 dollars a month. Some of Baluchistan residents also who worked in Dubai and Pakistan were also deceived by MKO agents. Some others were deceived by dirtier methods and by women. Generally, they were told that if they work with Mojahedin, they will have “opportunity for education, good salary and excellent advantages, wife and good sport facilities”. They were also promised that they will receive refugee status from a European country. Some of these members were themselves supporters of the organization and had a close relative in MKO’s ranks. It’s amazing that they trusted the organization for years and hoped to find answers for their questions, but when they were invited by the group to go to Iraq then they realized that what was said about the group was pure truth. Some of them are the ones who had been with the group for years and regret for their past and for cooperating with it. Mojahedin claim that these people have been new recruits and were not able to bear the difficulties. And use the request of these members to leave the group as a justification for their own claims. Neither were these people new members nor had they asked for cooperation with the MKO; but they are the ones who started a full fight for their freedom with dirty Mafia of Mojahedin. On the other hand, Mojahedin had told them that entering Ashraf camp is a one-way road which has no turn back and only ends with death. Those who couldn’t sit and watch suppressing behavior of the MKO with repentant members were told that “organization tries to correct these people, they will be brought to the camp even in sacks to be punished”!!! When Mojahedin were supported by Saddam Hussein, they laughed at dissident members and threatened them that they would be transferred to Abu Ghraib Prison to stay there for 8 years (for illegal entrance to Iraq) and stay 2 more years (to forget the information they had in mind)!! But when Saddam was ousted, these members who were not charmed by Rajavi, broke the spell of the cult and went to the American controlled camp and chose the way to Iran. What was significant in their accounts about Mojahedin and its internal affairs was that there are lots of people who want to return but don’t dare to express it explicitly. They have asked in secret for help and we hope former members and authorities (inside and outside the country) will unite and do something to free them. With the coordination of representative of Red Cross in Iran and officials, it became possible for Habilian to interview some of these 100 former members who have recently returned to Iran. We thank all those involved in returning these former members to the country. Below, you can see the names of these people: 1. Seyed Karim Emami 2. Hussein Izadi 3. Ali Baratloo 4. Vahid Pashanejad 5. Hussein Pakdel 6. Yousef Jafari 7. Mohammed Mehdi Javaherian 8. Hamid Reza Chamani 9. Ali Haji Amani 10. Hamid Husseinpour 11. Ali Salmani Jafari 12. Hessam Shakeri Sabzevar 13. Mehrdad Shir Mohammedi 14. Hamid Kazempour 15. Mohsen Malia 16. Shapoor Mobasherzadeh 17. Ibrahim Mansoori 18. Abbas Torkashvand 19. Mostafa Razmi 20. Mehdi Razmi 21. Majid Amini 22. Mohammed Reza Tahmasbi 23. Jalal Keshavarz 24. Seyed Taha Husseini 25. Saeed Firoozi 26. Aghil Barani 27. Masoud Oladi 28. Jafar Aftabi 29. Obeidollah Iran Panah 30. Mohammed Bakhsh Baluchi 31. Ibrahim Hassan Zehi 32. Mohammed Rahim Hassan Zehi 33. Shah Jan Delavarzehi 34. Dormohammed Dahani 35. Yousef Rayeesi 36. Jafar Rahimi 37. Malek Mohammed Roshani 38. Mohammed Ali Riahi 39. Abdolmalek Saryayee 40. Alireza Shakeri 41. Hanif Mazar Zehi 42. Behzad Mir Osman 43. Mohammed Aref 44. Abdolghader Vakili 45. Akbar Dolat Nejad 46. hamid Rastegari 47. Kakajan Azad 48. Karim Khorasani 49. Afshar Aftabi 50. Abbas Omidi 51. Ibrahim Majalani 52. Isfandyar Panahi 53. Jafar Sadegh Nejad 54. Afshin Valizadeh 55. Mohsen Asadi 56. Adam Karimi 57. Alireza Mohammedi 58. Saeed Pakdel 59. Mehdi Pourghasem Gargari 60. Masoud Taghi Pourian 61. Jalal Salmani 62. Jamshid Nazari Gargari 63. Hussein Hemati 64. Dayan Vahedi 65. Jalil Alboghbeish 66. Iman Torkali Asgari 67. Yaber Hazbavi 68. Abdolhadi Romiyee pour 69. Reza Alasvand Davodi 70. Taleb Farhan 71. Gholamhassan Farhadi 72. Hassan Akhlaghi 73. Seyed Reza Shekarfroosh 74. Sadegh Heydari 75. Mehdi Rahim Zadegan 76. Karim Sheikhi zadeh 77. Behzad Alishahi 78. Vahid Alishiri 79. Hamid Karimi 80. Reza Karimi 81. Ali Ahmadi 82. Mehran Ghavami 83. Varia Ghavami 84. Mahmood Akbari Aghdam 85. Farhad Pour Meshki 86. Afshin Jafarzadeh 87. Shahram Dehghan 88. Hojjat Seyed Ismaeli 89. Sarmast Mohseni 90. Saeed Yaldayee 91. Mehran Rastegari Fard 92. Gholamreza Gohari 93. Farzad Masouri 94. Alireza Momtaz 95. Teimour Ismaeli 96. Abdollah Azarpendar 97. Jalal Iranpanah 98. Heshmat Iran panah 99. Hashem Zolnorian 100. Morteza Jafarzadeh

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