A two-day seminar, “Recognizing Sectarian Terrorism”, was held in the holy city of Mashhad, with participation of a number of former MKO members. The purpose of this seminar, held by the invitation of the human rights group of “Habilian”, was to look at former members’ experiences of sectarian violence inside the MKO, in order to find proper solution for saving dissidents still held in the group.
A two-day seminar, “Recognizing Sectarian Terrorism”, was held in the holy city of Mashhad, with participation of a number of former MKO members. The purpose of this seminar, held by the invitation of the human rights group of “Habilian”, was to look at former members’ experiences of sectarian violence inside the MKO, in order to find proper solution for saving dissidents still held in the group. At the beginning of seminar, participants watched the tape showing Rajavi’s meeting with General Haboush and lieutenant general Taher (former commanders of Iraq Estekhbarat). In addition, Sky News’s report on Saddam-MKO ties was shown to former members, who had been deceived by Rajavi for years. Then, the participants (who felt mentally wounded by years of deception and betrayal by the MKO) expressed their views and talked about strategies and tactics used by terrorist MKO, especially after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Mr. Gholam Hussein Sadeghi, representing “Habilian”, referred in his speech to “No Exit” report by Human Rights Watch and said: “What was mentioned, and hundreds of other ignored cases, reported during past few years by defectors and former members, convinced us to initiate efforts in order to recognize sectarian violence, especially the violence aimed at dissident members and critics of the organization; the violence used to protect iron curtains of former fascist regime of Saddam Hussein. In addition, we wanted to have an all-out analysis of the current situation of the MKO in Iraq, and find solutions to save all those who’ve been kept in organization’s camp against their will.” Mr. Iraj Salehi, former military commander of MKO in Iraq, who’s returned to Iran in September, pointed to confusion and despair among MKO members and ranks and explained how fragile the cult is. He said the best way for making a free environment for members is to ask the Iraqi government to interfere and interview members outside Camp Ashraf. Mr. Teimour Ismaeli, another former member of the MKO, explained group’s organizational strategies to prevent members from leaving the group. He also said how the group had treated him and some other members. At the end of the first day of seminar, participants visited holy shrine of Imam Reza (eighth Imam of the Shiites) and prayed for those members still held as captives by the MKO. The second day of seminar began with the speech of Mr. Hadi Sha’bani, who served for a long time in the MKO. He discussed the MKO’s ties in Iraq as well as the issue of MKO members’ children, known as “militia”. He said that MKO’s current position in Iraq is a result of siding with remnants of Saddam forces and opponents of Iraqi government. Mr. Massoud Oladi, who was duped (by MKO’s claims on finding a good job with high salary in the West) and then smuggled (by MKO mafia) to Iraq to work for terrorist cult, explained the process of smuggling people by MKO and reminded that this mafia band has been destroyed after the fall of Saddam. Mr. Gholamreza Behroozi, former veteran member, talked about the failure of NLA’s strategy and said that the dream of overthrowing the regime had come to an end. Behroozi discussed different aspects of this failure and predicted that the group would join the museum of bankrupted groups after total dissolution. He also answered questions raised by other participants. Mr. Abdullah Afghan was the last speaker. This former member talked about MKO’s mistreatment with members and that how Rajavi had betrayed their trust. Mr. Afghan pointed to MKO’s transformations and multiple stances in various junctures of time and said that the group, with no goal, is only trying to survive. He also said that the group’s disrepute and worthlessness in political scenes is a result of these multiple stances. In the end, tens of former members of Rajavi’s cult signed a statement addressing Iraqi President, Prime Minister, Interior minister and Foreign Minister. Part of this statement says: “Naturally, creating such an open environment won’t be possible until the organizational structure of the group is preserved and until it goes on with its illegal activities. Those who control this group are the main obstacles in the way of humanitarian moves.” To watch a clip of this seminar, please click <1>here<1>. Click <2>here<2> please to see the photos of seminar. *** Recognizing Sectarian Terrorism Seminar- Final Statement The history and records of cooperation between terrorist MKO with toppled regime of Saddam Hussein led the MKO to threaten dissident members to imprisonment in Abu Ghraib, exile and isolation in Al-Ramadi and being delivered to Iraqi security forces; many of them were actually imprisoned by the organization. Also, those members who were smuggled into Iraq by the MKO faced cases under the name of “illegal entrance to Iraq” when they wanted to leave the group. Under the pressure from MKO-Estekhbarat, they were forced to obey the orders and stay in Camp Ashraf. This can be proved by considering the fact that 500 MKO members left the group as soon as Saddam was ousted. Using the opportunity in Iraq, MKO’s leadership established restricted sectarian rules in the group, and used censorship and suppression to control dissident members. Members are not allowed to think freely or decide on their own will. According to the experiences of former members and defectors: 1. There’s no doubt that staying in Iraq, and the current status of the group, is an assurance for the group to continue to commit crimes and suppress internal dissident voices. 2. All humane measures for determining the final fate of the group (which was earlier expressed by Iraqi officials, including Iraqi President and Prime Minister) should be taken in a free safe environment so that all members can decide about their own future. 3. Naturally, creating such an environment won’t be possible until the organizational structure of the group is preserved and until it goes on with its illegal activities. Those who control this group are the main obstacles in the way of humanitarian moves. 4. Regarding the experience and insight acquired during three decades of cooperation with the MKO, Pentagon officials should be reminded that they should quit their idea [of taking advantage of this group] because this idea failed when Saddam Hussein used Rajavi in the war against Iran. This idea would discredits the slogan of fighting terrorism more than ever before. MKO spokespersons are good liars before being good warriors. 5. Respected authorities of Iraq know well that propagandistic programs of this group- produced and broadcast by their satellite TV channel- are against Iraqi government and new Iraqi constitution, Iranian people and their interests. These programs, also being broadcast in order to insult and accuse former members, are the products of MKO’s illegal activities in Ashraf camp. Therefore, we hope that Iraqi officials will stop MKO’s poisoning the public atmosphere. CC. Iraqi President, Mr. Jalal Talabani Iraqi Prime Minister, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jafari Iraqi Interior Minister, Mr. Solagh Zobeidi Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mr. Hoshyar Zebari Statement signatories: Mohammed Akbarin-Abdullah Afghan-Iraj Salehi-Hadi Shabani-Massoud Taghipourian-Majid Shams-Ibrahim Amini-Majid Abdullahi-Gholamreza Behroozi-Gholamreza Moosavi-Hadi Nagravi-Reza Izanlou-Gholam Hussein Sadeghi Abkouh-Hassan Salmanian-Seyed Karim Emami-Hussein Izadi-Ali Baratlou-Vahid Pashanezhad-Hussein Pakdel-Gholamreza Sagvand-Yousef Jafari-Mohammed Mehdi Javaherian-Hamid Reza Chamani-Ali Hajj Amani-Ali Nakhayee-Hamid Husseinpour-Ali Salmani Jafari-Hessam Shakeri Sabzevar-Mehrdad Shirmohammedi-Hamid Kazempour-Mohsen Malia-Shapour Mobasherzadeh-Ibrahim Mansoori-Abbas Torkashvand-Mostafa Razmi-Mehdi Razmi-Majid Amini-Mohammed Reza Tahmasbi-Jalal Keshavarz-Seyed Taha Husseini-Saeed Firoozi-Aghil Barani-Massoud Oladi-Jafar Aftabi-Abidalla Iran Panah-Mohammedbakhsh Baluchi-Ibrahim Hassan Zehi-Mohammed Rahim Hassan Zehi-Shahjan Delavar Zehi-Darmohammed Dahani-Yousef Rayeesi-Jafar Rahimi-Malek Mohammed Roshani-Mohammed Ali Riahi-Abdulmalek Saryayee-Alireza Shakeri-Hanif Mazarzehi-behzad Mir Osman-Mohammed Aref-Abdulqader Vakili-Akbar Dolatnejad-Hamid Rastgari-Kakajan Azad-Karim Khorasani-Afshar Aftabi-Abbas Omidi-Ibrahim Majalani-Esfandyar Panahi-Jafar Sadegh Khan Nejad-Afshin Valizadeh-Mohsen Assadi-Adam Karimi-Alireza Mohammedi-Saeed Pakdel-Mehdi PourGhasem Gorgori-Jalal Salmani-Jamshid Nazari Gorgori-Hussein Hemmati-Dayan Vahedi-Jalil Alboghbeish-Iman Turkali Asgari-Yaber Hazbavi-Abdulhadi Rome’i pour-Reza Alasvand Davoodi-Taleb Farhan-Gholamhussein Farhadi-Hussein Akhlaghi-Seyed Reza Shekarforoush-Mehdi Rahim Zadegan-Karim Sheikhizadeh-Vahid Alishiri-Hamid Karimi-Reza Karimi-Ali Ahmadi-Mehran Ghavami-Pouria Ghavami-Mahmoud Akbari Aghdam-Farhad Pourmeshki-Afshin Jafarzadeh-Shahram Dehghan-Hojjat Seyed Ismaeli-Sarmast Mohseni-Saeed Yaldayee-Mehran Rastegari fard-Gholamreza Gohari-Alireza Momtaz-Teimour Ismaeli-Abdullah Azarpendar-Jalal Iranpanah-Heshmat Iranpanah-Hashem Zolnourian-Morteza Jafarzadeh-Taj Mohammed Zare-Mohammed Reza Shamsi-Abduljalil Aghal-Abdulmehdi Bameri-Massoud Jahanbakhsh-Yunes Soleimani-Ehsan Dehbari-Hassan Rigi-Mollabakhsh Hussein Zehi-Isa Baluchi-Reza Almasi Zaddeh-Alireza Espandar Fard-Basatali Meshkin fam-Anushirvan Riahi-Hussein Afshar-Mahmoud Oudzadeh-Abbas Jafari-Adel Khalkhalizar- Abdulrahim Nazari-Mohammed Akram Abrkar-Mohammed Rezapour Sha’bani-Ahmad Sabouhi-Amir Balouchi-Ismael Talebi-Nima Mehrjoo-Hussein Jennat Nejadian.

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