Pitiful fate of more than 800 children of MKO members (who were taken to European and American countries during Iraq-Kuwait war with the order of MKO leaders) was discussed. Ms. Ahmadi explained that there’s no information about a number of these children who lived in Sweden and that efforts are needed to find and help them.
A report on the introduction of newly-established “Family Network Association” in Sweden. On December 9, inaugural ceremony for the “Family Network Association”, along with a press conference, was held in Sweden. The conference, joined by tens of political-social figures and the media, focused on abusing women and children and human rights violations in the Mojahedin-e khalq organization. Mr. Thomas Schmidt, who hosted the event, introduced the speakers. Ms. Batul Ahmadi, a member of this Association, welcomed the guests and talked about her motives, how she had carried a tragedy for 20 years, suspicious murder of her brother in the MKO and how her child was handicapped. After that, pitiful fate of more than 800 children of MKO members (who were taken to European and American countries during Iraq-Kuwait war with the order of MKO leaders) was discussed. Ms. Ahmadi explained that there’s no information about a number of these children who lived in Sweden and that efforts are needed to find and help them. She defined the main purposes of establishing this Association as follows: - Helping the families kept in the MKO against their will or the families who’ve lost their children. - Helping the children, separated from the MKO, to find their social position. - Revealing the terrorist cult of the MKO to cleanse the society. She eventually asked all the officials and authorities to help finding these children and returning them to their families. After that a film on the methods of recruiting, brainwashing the children and using forged documents was shown for the guests. Mr. Massoud Khodabandeh, former member of the organization, was the next speaker. After giving a brief explanation about the pitiful situation of the MKO, he stressed that at the current situation, violent acts of the (Mojahedin) organization endangers the society and that introduction of particular sectarian terrorists methods in the schools can be of great help in the way of Fighting Terrorism. Then, two Swedish singers, Lena Lundgren and Camilla Röning, performed for the guests, who were strongly influenced. Allen Chevalrias, French journalist and the author of “Burned Alive”, relied on his experiences and observations on terrorist groups to criticize the MKO. Having traveled to several countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan and Iraq and- as a journalist- having conducted interviews with the leaders of terrorist groups, he is familiar with the process in which a normal human being turns into a terrorist. Mr. Chevalrias asked the young members of such groups to think and use their minds outside the control of leaders of these organizations. After a short break, Mr. Habib Khorrami, former member of the MKO explained how his child was taken hostage by the MKO. Mrs. Anne Singelton, former British member of the MKO and the author of “Saddam’s private army” and the editor of “Survivors’ Report” was the next who spoke at the conference and criticized MKO’s theatrical feminism. Mr. Amir Atefeh, University professor and a member of Iran’s Philosophy Association, was the last speaker. He appreciated the efforts of Family Network Association and asked all authorities to support humanitarian activities of this association. At the end, other members of the association were introduced. The event finished at 19:00 and the guests had dinner at a very friendly atmosphere. Several Swedish governmental and party officials had joined the event, including Eva Arvidsson, Tommy Söderblom, Stefanie Listerdahl, Sverre launy, Agneta Tjärnhammar, Birgitt Carlsson, Marianne Jonsson . Mona Ljungguist and Lisa Sundling were also among the guests. A number of Swedish papers prepared reports on the seminar. In addition, some Iranian Radio stations in Sweden broadcast parts of the seminar.

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