Masoud Tayebi, a former member of MKO, has revealed in an announcement the details of the
Masoud Tayebi, a former member of MKO, has revealed in an announcement the details of the MKO's plan to kill former members in Europe. In a part of this announcement we read: "Mojahedin had predicted that in the case of a failure, they will kill all their dissidents in Europe with cold weapon and Masoud had ordered this formally. Regarding this he said that European prisons (namely where Mrs. Rajavi now is in) are like 4 star hotels in which you will feel comfortable." According to Le Figaro, one of MKO's purposes in Europe was to eliminate dissident members; but they didn't find the chance to perform their plan due to the fast operation of June 17 by French police. This plan was decided about after a seminar by former members in Paris on April 18. This seminar was held by 30 former members who could run away from MKO. The seminar had a good reflection in international media such as Radio Farda, VOA, BBC and Radio France. In this meeting former members had discussed the future of MKO and its purposes after the war on Iraq. After the seminar MKOs thought about the plan. In order to illuminate the public thought, the film of this seminar, which has been unique since 1979, will be shown to public; that's why the leader of MKO had called it an advanced movement and had ordered the plan. In order to accomplish such a plan, Bijan Rahimi, from counter-intelligence cadre in MKO and Masoud Rajavi's Guards entered Europe. "I have a valuable film, taken on September 13, 2002, in which Mohammed Ali Jaberzade, the member of Central Leadership of the group, orders MKO members to kill me (Masoud Tayebi); and this is a good document which I can use in courts. A part of this film has been shown by Arte TV.

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