After the fall of Saddam and successive failures of Mojahedin and their silence, their sympathizers in Europe became
After the fall of Saddam and successive failures of Mojahedin and their silence, their sympathizers in Europe became confused and didn't take part in MKO's meetings anymore. They sent letters and asked questions about MKO. MKO's TV channel first started insulting these people and then solved the problem by censorship. But MKO's websites first set forth the matter very smoothly but after a while, when it was deepened, they formally announced that they will censor the criticisms. At that time Irandidban wrote that "by censorship the matters won't be solved and this excuse that the enemy will misuse such criticisms is only a large disguise for you yourselves. Now we see that the fires under the ashes are blazing again. The articles which are being exchanged between Bahman Siahpoosh and Zari Esfahani proves this claim. Pay attention to a part of Bahman Siahpoosh's answer to Zari Esfahani: "the next matter which you set forth is that this TV channel belongs to MKO, so it's acting ideologically; Achilles hill is here where you set forth a TV channel from yourself and this is frightening. If you now avoid from showing a woman without scarf how do you claim that you are secularist? Won't you act as such in the future of Iran? And it seems that you don't follow the programs of Simay-e Azadi, since Mr. Rafiee always says that this TV channel is an independent one and the MKO matters should be discussed with MKO officials themselves. Which one should we accept? Of course, I accept your word! Doctor, Simay-e Azadi has a message: we are a religious (read sectarian) TV and we don't let unveiled women in! Simay-e Azadi broadcasts U.S. Top movies but it doesn't do the same with Iranian banned films which are about women and youths. Their programs about youths broadcasts Hollywood movies but it doesn't show any films regarding Iranian youths???

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