Ardeshir Parhizkari, MKO defector who has been tortured by this group, has submitted his indictment against Mojahedin
Ardeshir Parhizkari, MKO defector who has been tortured by this group, has submitted his indictment against Mojahedin-e Khalq. His indictment is as follows: 1- Misusing my trust and betraying my freedom-seeking desires, which ruined 17 years of my life 2- Keeping me by force for 5 years in the organization while I had announced my resignation formally. 3- Threatening and making the suppression situation so that I didn't dare to announce my resignation even years before I leave the group. 4- Working for 16 hours even on holidays without having any advantages. 5- Being beaten and tortured, mentally and physically, several times so that my body was severely damaged. I am not able to walk since 1998. 6- Illegal imprisonment of me without any legal courts or having the right to defend myself. Being kept in solitary prison for a long time which affected me mentally and physically and it had negative effects on my mind and soul. 7- Not paying attention to my hunger strike so that it took 32 days and I was at the threshold of death and paralysis. 8- Ideological inspection and putting pressure on me so that to make me take part in others' suppression and ideological inspection. 9- Efforts to destroy my humane feeling by resorting to inhumane mental and physical methods. 10-Preventing me from calling my relatives for 15 years which has had non-compensable effects on my family and specially on my old parents. 11-Not giving medical care so that I have lost the ability to walk and meanwhile I had to stay in camps with my paralyzed body. 12-Not paying attention to my teeth, which were in an emergency situation. Instead of helping me, guards pressed me so that my teeth were damaged a lot. 13-Continuous threats and psychological and physical pressure on me; for instance they released a number of dogs in the yard of prison or they shot bullets before the doors of prison to threaten us. 14-They threatened us to death and made artificial execution scenes by a man called "Nariman". I was really effected by this. 15-Confiscating all my personal writings, ID cards, passport and money … 16-Expelling me from the organization in an inhumane method without giving any rights to me. 17-They delivered me to the Iraqi security officials without having any ID cards. I had to bear the inhumane situation of Iraqi prisons. 18-Spreading lies about me and introducing me as the agent of Islamic regime. I had worked for them for 17 years and my brother had been executed by the regime. 19-Dirty deal with Iraqi security officials in order to surrender me to Iranian officials so that I would be tortured. I ask the officials of Germany and European countries to bring Rajavi and Maryam Qajar Azdanloo and top officials of MKO to court and get my rights from these criminals and ban them from further acts.

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