Washington Post has analyzed the situation of Mojahedin after the Iraq war and has written:
Washington Post has analyzed the situation of Mojahedin after the Iraq war and has written: "Mojahedin-e Khalq in Iraq were considered as private army of Saddam in Iraq; Iraqi dictator had given them camps and equipments such as tanks, artillery and armored vehicles." This report also adds: "in 1991, when the Kurds and Shiites rebelled by the invitation of the father of George Bush against Saddam, Mojahedin's tanks moved to save Iraqi dictator. This anti-Iran group fired on Kurds and blocked the roads which led to the south. One of the Kurd officials believes that Mojahedin are higher than Iraq's army since they're not Iraqis and are not worried about anything at all. They killed 3 soldiers who were returning to their homes in 1991 since they were afraid of their uprising. A Shiite Iraqi said: Iraqi people think that Americans are protecting Mojahedin in order to use them against Iran, like Saddam who used them. This is the belief of all people." The report continues: "in fact, Mojahedin is not important for American officials to want to use them against Iran. While George Bush doubts on how to treat with Iran some believe that they should be used again." A U.S. official in Iraq stressed that the problem is that Mojahedin is still a terrorist group.

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