Justin Raimondo
Justin Raimondo, who writes in Antiwar website, referring to the presence of Richard Perle in MKO's gathering in Washington, has written: "To say nothing of the penumbra of malevolence that seems to hover over his very person, like the proverbial clouds of war. The man is an ambassador of ill will for this administration, at home as well as abroad. This speech at an event the proceeds of which were immediately seized and impounded by U.S. Treasury agents is really the last straw. Republicans should be the first to recognize that Perle has become a liability, and realize that he must go." Then he has pointed to the cooperation of Alireza Jafarzadeh, member and representative and also spokesman of MKO in the US, writing: "What a brilliant way to have the best terrorism "expert" on television: hire a representative of an officially designated terrorist organization! What's next for Fox News – will they put Carlos the Jackal on the payroll?"

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