Mr. Ali Eshraghi, one of MKO's supporters who's known for insulting and scolding separated members and opponents, has
Mr. Ali Eshraghi, one of MKO's supporters who's known for insulting and scolding separated members and opponents, has written a so-called open letter to Rajavi and has asked him to sacrifice and accept other dissident groups formally. Eshraghi, after flattering, writes: "Mr. Rajavi… this is only in the powerful hands of yours to step forward and activate Unification Movement and invite other forces to join and strengthen the bases of this movement. We should activate the movement…" It's useful to bring some notes about these kinds of open letters: 1- In response to these requests and letters, some times later from now, Rajavi will claim of a new revolution and will say that this time Pentagon has ordered us. He will suggest unity and reconciliation. 2- In these letters, the presidency of Rajavi is emphasized. 3- We suggest others that to save the country (MKO's nickname) they are responsible to answer, but we ask Mr. Rajavi to sacrifice and activate the movement! 4- The writer has forgotten that Republicans, Monarchists and many other groups rejected unity with MKO even when Pentagon ordered of Unification. 5- Most of those who have been considered as ally, consider MKO's terroristic methods as barriers for unity. And at the end we should remind this man and his leader, who's under the control of Americans, that: "whatever you do, the good days of Master of Masters will not return…"

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