School's principal says the Association of Oden's Iranians will pay for the costs of this trip to Brussels.
September 13th Stockholm The students of Oden school in the region of Narke, along with six of their teachers and some of the students' families, take part in the Brussels demonstration of MKO, the Iranian organization which has been introduced as terrorist. The principal of the school says that an Iranian organization (called Association of Oden's Iranians) pays the costs of four-day trip to Brussels, adding "we have also used a little of our budget too." Only the students of grade 9 (15 year old students) were able to use this chance. From nearly 100 students, 65 asked for the trip. Gordon Hedman says that new teacher, who has Iranian back ground, (Mojtaba Ghotbi) has explained for them the Iranian theocratic regime's plans to reach nukes. The US and EU He added that "Of course, the explanation of new teacher affected the students and they accepted to take part in the demonstration." School's principal is aware of MKO's terrorist label but he's heard from the new teacher that all of these are rumors and lies. In fact, MKO was put in the terror list by the US and EU for its long history of bombing and violence. MKO had, for long, based its headquarters in Iraq under the rule of Saddam. It faced problems last year, after Saddam was toppled by the US. Today, MKO, with 3800 members, is confined to a camp north of Baghdad. MKO has a strange mixture of Marxism and Islam. Following the problems for Mojahedin after the US invasion to Iraq, this organization is trying to rebuild itself. Some observers believe the US may use Mojahedin against Iranian regime in Tehran. This has given a new hope to the MKO members in Europe to intensify their activities against Iranian government. Extended efforts have been done by MKO in order to convince members and others to take part in the demonstration in Brussels. The demonstration is against the possible plans of Iran to get Nuclear weapons. Iran denies these rumors. In this demonstration, Mojahedin will also ask their name be removed from Terror list. TT News Agency, Sweden

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