US cooperation with Mojahedin-e khalq and US's support of students in Iran were fruitless
Campaigning parties in the US have focused their efforts on Iran. Iran is considered as the division point of these two sides in US presidential elections which is to be held in November. George Bush has said that he will follow diplomatic way in future to solve Iran's nuclear program and that he also won't forget punitive points of the case. On the other hand, John Kerry, Bush's democratic challenger, pointed to a big treaty in which Iran will announce all its real purposes and said that making decision on Iran is not simple. Iran is an influential nation in the Middle East which has a big role in the Muslim world. It enjoys a military force and if it uses oil revenues and human force correctly, it will number 1 in the region. This country can also play a good political role in Iraq. Clinton Administration adopted a cautious approach toward Iran but Bush quit it and used sharp words. But Bush's ambitions about big changes in Iran were never achieved, since its cooperation with Mojahedin and supporting students in Iran were fruitless. Some spokesmen of Bush administration asked for removal of Iran's name from axis of evil. On the other hand, some in the administration believe that the military presence of the US in Afghanistan (two neighbors of Iran) is considered as a strong fortress against Iran and the US can look at it as a long-term aggressive plan.

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