they were trying to kidnap a former members when a witness called the police
MKO's kidnapping plot in Köln, Germany, has been thwarted. On 28th September 2004, stupid agents of MKO's Security section in NeuMarkt region, Köln, tried to kidnap a former member of MKO (who reveals MKO's crimes) but their plot was thwarted by the resistance of this person. Kidnappers, two agents of MKO in security section, tried to escape but one of them was arrested by the police. This is how it took place: On Sept. 28th, a former MKO member who's an activist in Roshana Association left home for shopping in NeuMarkt area in Köln. Two Iranians approached him and greeted him. He said that he didn't know them but they said that they were Iranians and that they were greeting due to being compatriots. This member of Roshana Association said goodbye and left. After a while, he understood that they were following him. Seconds later, they approached him again and said they had questions and that it's good to go somewhere and talk. Roshana member refused and said he was busy and that he had to go. They tried to take him forcefully but he resisted. At this time, kidnappers started beating him harshly. By shouting that "these are terrorists", member of Roshana asked for help. Since the kidnappers acted very violently, all bystanders left the place but one of the witnesses called police by telephone. Learning that the police will be at the scene in seconds, one of the kidnappers escaped immediately but another one, called "Ehsan Rajayee", who was still beating this member of Roshana, ran towards the train station and escaped but he was arrested by police in another station. Earlier, former members revealed and warned that Mojahedin's terror teams have come to Europe and Germany from Iraq in order to restrict the activities of opposition abroad and anti-MKO resistance. This stupid act by Mojahedin proved that Germany's government and opposition should take serious the warnings of former MKO members and officials. In this regard: 1. All political and organizations and oppositions abroad should reveal and condemn these activities of Mojahedin. MKO's violence won't be limited to MKO's own members, and if necessary they will extend it to everywhere and everyone. 2. We warn European states and security officials again that the advancement of terror teams in civilized societies should be stopped. Otherwise, opponents of Mojahedin organization, as well as ordinary citizens, will be threatened by these terror groups. 3. As we had earlier warned deceived members of this organization, they should not make mistake for themselves by following terrorist policy of this organization. We amiably suggest them not to be frightened by these cultish methods of Mojahedin, at least here in Europe, and to come out of this quagmire as soon as possible. We, former members, who are their former friends, are ready to help them get asylum and lead a normal life and in the case they leave the organization. Dear compatriots and citizens, after 4 decades, Mojahedin-e khalq is still sticking to its stupid policy of terror, violence and instability. Mr. Rajavi's policy is to get to power by bloodshed, and he would destroy everything if he feels that he should go. All members of the organization have repeatedly heard this policy from Rajavi's mouth. So, we have to take this threat serious and try to clean the society, especially Iranian society, from this dirty tumor. In this way, we need the assistance of all respectable citizens, especially Iranian citizens.

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