"This group acts in a way as if it's an Iraqi organization, while it's considered a terrorist organization. MKO won't be allowed to leave their camp," Maliki says.
Iraqi PM stressed the necessity of putting an end to the presence of terrorist MKO in Iraq and said the presence of MKO in Iraq contradicts constitution. According to AFP, Nuri al-Maliki said his government has reviewed the activities of MKO in Iraq and considers this group a terrorist group whose presence in the country contradicts the constitution. In a press conference, he said: "After a report on MKO's activities was presented by Iraqi security services, the council of ministers discussed the issue of MKO's presence in Iraq and its effects on political and security situation of the country". "This group acts in a way as if it's an Iraqi organization"! Referring to the illegal activities of this group in Iraq, Maliki said: "The first step is to prevent this organization from distributing statements, making contact with governmental institutions, and from leaving their camp." He pointed to the formation of a committee to discuss the issue of MKO, to establish a timetable to take necessary action for remaining members, or to find other countries that may accept the MKO members. He didn't give any details. Camp Ashraf, 120 Km north of Baghdad, is major camp for MKO, which was fully supported by the former regime. Saddam's regime provided equipments for the terrorist group and allowed them to conduct sabotage operations in Iran by crossing the border.

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