Turkish newspaper reported:"Bush administration supports MKO and PKK in Iraq and encourages them to conduct terrorist attacks in Iran."
Quoting Turkish newspaper "New Anatolian", ISNA news agency reported that, "Bush administration supports MKO and PKK in Iraq and encourages them to conduct terrorist attacks in Iran." The newspaper, revealing US's intention to establish a military base near the Iranian border to mount pressures on Tehran, added: "US officials have agreed to ignore the presence of PKK in Ghandil Mountains in northern Iraq only on the condition that the group makes problems for Iran." According to the report, this is why the US is not willing to clash with PKK. Intelligence sources in Irbil say that Pezhak, a branch of PKK in Ghandil, has been involved in violent acts in Iran. "Iran has complained that the MKO in Iraq is being armed, trained and given shelter by the US," the paper added. In January, senior Iranian officials met Kurd leaders to inform them of Iran's dissatisfaction over the activities of anti-Iranian groups under the protection of PKK and the US. These Iranian officials met Iraqi president Jalal Talabaniin Doukan near Sulaymanieh in northern Iraq. Then, they went to Irbil on January 10 to meet Massoud Barzani, the leader of Iraq's Kurdish area. In the meeting were also a number of other Kurd officials including Fazil Mirani and Karim Sinkari. Later, Americans tried to arrest these senior Iranians in Irbil but they failed. In the attack, they only arrested 5 Iranians. The attack caused the anger of Kurd officials. Independent reported the effort and said it was as if Iran tried to kidnap CIA or MI6 officials in their official trips to neighboring countries. Turk newspaper also writes: "Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that Americans wanted to arrest Iranian security officials who had gone to Iraq to expand security ties with that country." New Anatolian also reported that Americans are interested in establishing a military base in southern Sulaymanieh near the Iranian border to mount pressures on Iran. The report says that Turkey is putting pressure on Washington and Baghdad to act against PKK in Iraq. Recently, in a critical note to Baghdad, Turkey asked for immediate action against PKK in northern Iraq. Barzani told this newspaper that Americans have never talked to him about any military operation against PKK in Ghandil Mountains. It seems that US's intelligence officers have been in touch with PKK in Iraq's Kurdish area.

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