Last year, I met a number of families of such victims and I was really affected. Child victims of the terrorist operations of the MKO in Iran and other places in the world unfold the inhumane nature of the activities of this group
Speaking at the seminar of "Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Terror and Violence" held in Tehran, Ms. Lucy Smith, member of UN Commission for the rights of the child, stressed that most of MKO's documents on Iran should be dumped. Highlighting the main items of "Universal Convention on the Rights of the Child", she pointed to the victims of MKO's terror and violence and said: "Last year, I met a number of families of such victims and I was really affected." "Child victims of the terrorist operations of the MKO in Iran and other places in the world unfold the inhumane nature of the activities of this group" Referring to children being terrorized by terrorist organizations, she said: "we don't have executive power to order the groups and governments, so we can only advise them". She condemned the use of children as tools by terrorist organizations, like the MKO, and said that terrorist organizations shouldn't be allowed to use the children. "Mojahedin-e khalq has very small lobbies in Norwegian Parliament and I have seen their documents on situation in Iran and it should be said that most of their documents should be thrown in trash can. This group tries to present invalid forged documents to parliamentarian institutions and pave the way for receiving political aids from those institutions," she said. Ms. Haghighat Talab, a victim of the terrorist cult of Rajavi, spoke at the seminar and explained how a city bus in Shiraz was set on fire by the cult of Rajavi and that she and her sister were burnt. In that event in 1981, she was severely injured and her sister died. See the photos of Ms. Smith speaking at the seminar <1>here<1>. Ms. Smith met victims of terror and violence. See the photos <2>here<2>. Foreign guests of this seminar visited a related exhibition. Photos <3>here<3>.

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