To cover their professional spies, Americans used terrorist MKO spies and thought that we would ignore their own professional spies. But we were not deceived. We identified both their spies and MKO spies
International campaign against terrorism needs transparent mechanisms and legal provisions in support of the international law," said Ali Yunesi, Minister of the Iranian Intelligence Service. He said that selective approaches in international campaign against terrorism contributed to bolstering the ominous phenomenon of terrorism, citing US and European support for Israeli abduction of Palestinians as an example. Yunesi said that US and European support for terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) is another factor contributing to terrorism. "Currently, a large portion of US Congressmen, House of Representatives and US officials have relationship with MKO and support it. "Even the US doesn't free those tired of Mojahedin-e khalq" "Nearly 400 MKO members have so far returned to Iran by Red Cross and they now live in Iran freely," Yunesi added. Concerning the verification of the information passed on to the US on the issue by members of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), Yunesi said that it has been repeated several times that they neither have any precise knowledge in this respect nor do they have access to it. "What has been revealed by the MKO members have been clear facts and the US has rather acquired the needed information by spying. "The information acquired by the US is false and has been obtained from unreliable sources, of which the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is aware," he added. "To preserve their professional spies, Americans used terrorist MKO spies and thought that we would ignore their own professional spies. But we were not deceived. We identified both their spies and MKO spies." Turning to the fact that the US is aware that Iran's nuclear activity is quite legal and that the atomic energy is not used for military purposes, he noted that the US has no right to ban any country from its legal right of access to nuclear technology. In response to a question about the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari to Tehran, he said that it is of great significance to Iran. "During his stay in Iran, several memoranda of understanding (MoUs) in the domains of politics, economy and security are expected to be inked. The Intelligence Ministry is prepared to ink security agreements with the Iraqi government. "We place special focus on Iraq's security and our security is associated with theirs," he added. Pointing to the great number of commonalties between the two nations, in particular the enthusiasm of Iranian pilgrims to visit holy centers in Iraq, Yunesi said that pilgrimage to the country requires promotion of security. He added that the grounds have now been fully prepared for multifaceted collaboration in various security, political and economic fields. About the expulsion of Mojahedin from Iraq, Yunesi said: "Earlier, Iraqi officials had promised to expel the MKO from Iraq and there's no doubt that presence of Mojahedin, or any other terrorist group, in Iraq will damage the interests of two sides.

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