We, survivors of terrorism in Iran whose fathers were killed by the MKO, expect the International Red Cross to answer the following questions in a meeting with Red Cross officials or their representatives
Your Excellency Mr. Jakob Kellenberger, The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) After the revolution of 1979, Iranian people suffered a lot of domestic and international problems, most of which were resolved by the awareness and large presence of people. However, some of these problems are still troublesome. One of such problems is the inhuman phenomenon of terrorist groups and organizations including the Mojahedin-e Khalq (a.k.a. NCRI, NCR, NLA, PMOI, MKO, …), which has killed Iranian civilians. As you know, Human Rights Watch organization, European Union, US State Department as well as world's independent media have all introduced the cult of Mojahedin-e Khalq as a terrorist group with 40 years of activities, headed by a group of criminals and murderers, who have killed many Iranians. We should inform your Excellency that during the past year, we prepared a list of Iran's 16000 victims of terrorism, 12000 of whom were killed by the MKO. There are many women and children among the victims, who were sometimes killed and burned by the MKO terrorists and this organization has openly claimed responsibility for these acts. You may know that the MKO is under US protection in Iraq, although it has been listed as terrorist organization and despite the decision of Iraqi government to expel terrorists from that country. It's a shame for the US to call them terrorist on one hand, and to prevent their expulsion on the other. It's amazing that these terrorists have offices in the US and maintain contacts with some Congress members and European MPs. Now that - because of the expansion of terrorism to different parts of the world, including the West- the world has moved root out terrorism, we (a group of survivors and children of terror victims in Iran) have gathered together to help this global movement to eradicate this evil phenomenon (Terrorism). The Mojahedin-e Khalq organization claims that its presence in Iraq and its large scale inhuman activities (despite being identified as a terrorist organization) is due to its agreement with the International Red Cross and US-led coalition forces; they claim the agreement has been made according to the Fourth Geneva Convention. We, survivors of terrorism in Iran whose fathers were killed by the MKO, expect the International Red Cross to answer the following questions in a meeting with Red Cross officials or their representatives: 1. Iraqi Interim Government decided that terrorist groups should be expelled from Iraq. Mojahedin-e Khalq has been identified as a notorious terrorist organization by the world community. This group claims to have received asylum rights from Red Cross and the US under an agreement. Are MKO and its criminal, terrorist members refugees? Or, can they stay in Iraq temporarily? 2. If their presence in Iraq is temporary, when are they scheduled to leave? 3. If they are called refugees by the International Red Cross, would your organization accept responsibility for all their activities? If yes, where can someone file a complaint against them? 4. The Red Cross is known as a humanitarian organization; wouldn't it damage the fame of this organization to give shelter to a group of terrorists who have killed innocent civilians for 40 years? 5. Since the Conventions are valid for only one year, what's the legal status of this group? 6. Conventions are valid only until there's no government in a country. Since there was a legal election in Iraq, constitution was passed and the new government is expected to hold power soon, is the Geneva Convention still applicable for the MKO? 7. Is the Red Cross still in charge of this organization regarding the fact that affairs in Iraq are no more temporary (because the elections have been held and the government is working). 8. Does Geneva Convention include terrorists and murderers who have put their arms down by force and a group that has not changed its strategy? We, as the survivors of terror victims in Iran, need to receive answers for these questions in a meeting with your representatives. Best regards, Habilian Associationm (survivors of terror victims) Mashhad, Iran Copy to: Mr. Karl Mattli, Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Iraq Mr. Peter G. Stocker, Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross's Tehran office

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