If the MKO believes that Somayeh- and many others like her- express their desire to stay in MKO in Iraq through TV interviews, why are they afraid of sending these youths to free countries in Europe and Canada so that they can decide freely for their future? If these young people are really interested in leadership they will certainly join the MKO again.
MKO leaders betray people's trust, our silence ends Open Letter from Somayeh Mohammedi's parents To free people, relevant officials, and human rights activists For the security and freedom of Somayeh in MKO's Camp Ashraf in Iraq This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. August 26, 2006 Dear Iranian-Canadians, In 1997, Somayeh- then, an inexperienced teenager- had a positive view on the MKO because of family's support for this group; in a wide inhuman plan by the MKO leadership, a large number of teenagers of 14 to 18 who lived in Europe and North America were deployed to Camp Ashraf in Iraq by the name of visiting Iraq and Jordan, but the purpose was to boost the organization that was suffering lack of young forces. Somayeh, 16, along with a number of other teenagers, was first taken to Pirayesh base in Washington and then, after a short stay, she and others were taken to Jordan with fake documents by the organization. Then they went to Iraq from Jordan. After a while, we tried to return her but we couldn't because we had not received full citizenship from Canada; we trusted the MKO and thought that they were trying to get her citizenship from Canada. At that time, no one outside the MKO knew about illegal and undemocratic behavior of MKO leadership and the abuses of Human Rights in NLA camp, therefore we didn't seek public help and instead, tried to return Somayeh to Canada by the MKO itself. In 2003, following the ouster of Saddam Hussein, we had to take the risks and travel to Iraq. We spent three months in Camp Ashraf with high costs. In her conversations, in the absence of MKO supervisors, she asked us to return her to Canada. She repeatedly requested the same from her brother. In a letter to Canadian embassy in Jordan in 2004, Somayeh asked Canadian officials to pave the way for her return to Canada. Due to this request, delivered to Canadian embassy through American troops protecting Camp Ashraf, the embassy decided to visit Camp Ashraf to interview her. Unfortunately, despite all claims and propaganda by MKO leadership on the freedom of members for making decisions, and despite the protests of Canadians, Behzad Saffarian, one of MKO commanders in Camp Ashraf, was present during the whole process of interviewing (The letter of Canadian embassy to the foreign ministry is available). Wiretapping and controlling the meetings indicate that the members of MKO are under continuous censorship and supervision. Knowing the lack of legal documents from any country and due to security concerns in US-run camp [next to Camp Ashraf], Somayeh refused to go there. Because of financial problems and concerns over our other children in Canada, we returned to Canada without Somayeh. This time, we followed the case through immigration office. In May and April 2006, in spite of having financial problems, we traveled to Jordan to meet Somayeh since she was supposed to have a court session for Canadian immigration office via video conference. After 2 months in Jordan, we couldn't get the visa for Iraq. This necessary but unsuccessful act caused the MKO leaders to become aware of our efforts for saving Somayeh. Why did the MKO leaders broadcast an interview with Somayeh on MKO TV channel on August 20, 2006? Such an interview reminds of interviews in the Islamic Republic's prisons under physical and mental pressures. Showing Somayeh during military practices [in Iraq], at current situation, means shutting the windows of being accepted in Canada or other democratic countries. If the MKO believes that Somayeh- and many others like her- express their desire to stay in MKO in Iraq through TV interviews, why are they afraid of sending these youths to free countries in Europe and Canada so that they can decide freely for their future? If these young people are really interested in leadership they will certainly join the MKO again. MKO leaders are well aware that allowing Somayeh equals the exit of nearly all members, kept captive of inhuman and wrong policies of MKO leaders who live in safe places and keep our children as hostages in Camp Ashraf. As it was a crime against humanity to bring young Basijis to the fronts, it is a crime against humanity to bring young people (like Somayeh) from Europe and Canada to military base in Iraq. Those behind exploiting teenagers should be held responsible in The Hague. All MKO members are under systematic brainwashing and can only access the MKO's own news because of censorship. They can watch only the MKO's TV channel (Simaye Mojahed), which reports of unreal victories of the group and they hear from their commanders that they're heading towards the final victory, that the universe is moving with the permission of MKO leaders and that the sun comes up from east only to see the MKO leaders! Preventing MKO members from making contact with their families (through mail and email) shows the news censorship in order to prevent rebellion of members. If a member asks to leave the organization, he/she will be accused of working of the Iranian regime and consequently he/she will be pressured. MKO leaders have shown that, to reach their goals, they are ready to conduct all kinds of immoral acts, including pressuring and brainwashing young and even veteran member to speak against their own families. Rejecting the TV interview with Somayeh Mohammedi (that reminds of regime's interviews conducted under mental and physical torture), we announce that MKO leaders are responsible for the safety and security of Somayeh. Since 1978, We the members of Mohammedi family have tried for the freedom and independence of Iran alongside the early Mojahedin-e khalq organization. Therefore, the accusation of "being dependent" [to the regime] better suits MKO leaders who have already acted in the favor of Iranians enemies, namely the Islamic republic, the US and Saddam. We didn't open the case to public because of our differences with the Islamic republic; now that interview with Somayeh has been broadcast, we believe there's no obstacle for publishing documents, letters and films on MKO leaders' inhuman treatment with youths like Somayeh. We urge all Iranian-Canadians, as well as free people of the world, to act to return Somayeh to her family. We ask for your help to save Somayeh and many others like her. The Mohammedis Richmond Hill, Canada

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