An NCRI insider (National Council of Resistance of Iran is also on the US terrorism list as an alias of the MEK) has revealed that the Israeli lobby has employed the Mojahedin Khalq (aka; MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) terror group to bring thousands of rented crowd fillers to Washington in order to counter the day of Qods annual rally on Friday 26th August...

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An NCRI insider (National Council of Resistance of Iran is also on the US terrorism list as an alias of the MEK) has revealed that the Israeli lobby has employed the Mojahedin Khalq (aka; MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) terror group to bring thousands of rented crowd fillers to Washington in order to counter the day of Qods annual rally on Friday 26th August. Qods day is an annual day of protest against the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the city of Qods (Jerusalem, the second most important city for Muslims after Mecca) by Israel.
According to the database of Habilian Association ( families of Iranian terror victims), Leaders of the Washington-backed terrorist cult have been allocated a budget to bring over 5,000 people to the counter rally, but so far the MEK has only been able to gather around a thousand participants (too much money not enough brains?) The group has already organized the travel arrangements (plane tickets, visas, hotels etc) to fly around 1,000 people from Europe and elsewhere. The travelers are promised a free two week holiday with pocket money in return for participating for a couple of hours in the counter demonstration. Organizers and agencies that will be in charge of the shipments are offered considerably more.
The MEK operatives have promised guarantees that participants in the rally will not be under any pressure or scrutiny from law enforcement agencies - which have already given written permission for the terrorist group to gather under the flag of the Mojahedin Khalq (an FTO according to the USG), and they will not face prosecution for any reason, under any circumstances. The leaders of the terror cult openly tell their forces that the group has secured extrajudicial protection from the highest authorities in the American political, judicial and law enforcement circles. (Presumably through affiliation with AIPAC and other Israeli connected organizations.)
Of course, it is clear that they cannot do this without some kind of official support. MEK backers in the US House of Representative are providing lawyers for legal advice to facilitate ways to circumvent the ban on entry to the US of anyone who has links, past or present, to a designated FTO. The MEK supporters will fly via various airports in the US and Canada over several days before arriving in Washington for the rally.
(At the same time, genuine refugees who have escaped the MEK are harassed by the US and its embassies across the world when they try to secure help and succor.)
According to the NCRI insider, some operatives have already arrived in Washington D.C. to prepare the ground for the arrival of the other thousand. Mojahedin Khalq have increased their safe house capacity in Washington by two more blocks of apartments and their US representatives (including former Saddam Hussein's private army commanders Alireza Jafarzadeh and Ali Safavi) are currently heading a few teams of operatives while liaising with their backers in the corridors of the House of Representative and the Senate. According to a high ranking politician in Washington, the American government, the FBI and other so called security agencies are no match for the Israeli lobby and would not even attempt to stop the influx of these mercenaries to the city.
The Mojahedin Khalq (aka Saddam's private army) started its terror campaign with the assassination of 6 Americans in Tehran and have, since then by its own admission assassinated over 12000 Iranians, 25000 Iraqis and scores of individuals of American, European, Pakistani, African and even Chinese descent.
While we do not expect or even find the American government capable of intervening and halt the influx of Mojahedin Khalq operatives into their capital city, we warn the countries officials against any failure to prevent harm the critics of the terrorist group in the US, particularly the genuine Iranian opposition groups (under the umbrella of the green movement) who have been vocal against the neoconservative and Zionist use of terrorist groups under the guise of supporting opposition groups.


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