Anyone for whom Rajavi has any use whatsoever, of any rank or any ability, will be removed from the camp and sent to Europe and North America. Indeed, this process has already begun. This is why 200 are missing. They have already been smuggled out of the camp.

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Only a few months ago there were 3400 residents in Camp Ashraf. Today there are 3200, and the missing 200 people are now surfacing in western countries.

Three weeks ago, nine MEK loyalists were sent to Canada where they have citizenship rights. The move was carried out with cooperation between Canada, UNAMI and Massoud Rajavi and his commanders in the camp. There are almost a hundred more residents in Camp Ashraf with links to Canada, but Massoud Rajavi has not released them at this stage.

Shortly after their arrival it was clear why they had been sent; Canadian political opinion had been manipulated by a propaganda campaign to misrepresent the situation at the camp with these MEK members as ‘witnesses'.

On 16 December four of these MEK members from Camp Ashraf filed complaints against the Iraqi authorities in a Washington court while the Iraqis have opened cases against the MEK for violence in the camp long ago. It is now clear that the Obama administration could not prevent the CIA from bringing these MEK members from Canada, and they will not be able to stop others from coming.

In the same way, France will not be able to prevent the MEK who are now in Washington from travelling to the MEK's second base in Paris. Informed sources believe that their transfer via Frankfurt is due next week.

The MEK have been transferring members illegally around the world for three decades, there is nothing to suggest they cannot continue now. Indeed, with a little careful scrutiny we can now see what happened to every one of the missing 200 and why.

Three other MEK loyalists have recently left Camp Ashraf and are now somewhere in Europe. The significance of this is that these three individuals are the MEK's top explosives experts, trained by Saddam Hussein's army.

The three were tracked from Camp Ashraf until they reached Europe where the trail went cold. They are presumably now in one of the MEK's many European bases. It is known that Massoud Rajavi is still considering whether to launch last ditch attacks on Iraqi and/or Iranian embassies worldwide.

Massoud Rajavi is stuck in the bowels of Camp Ashraf. He is being forced to confront the probability that his plan to maintain Camp Ashraf against all odds will fail and he will, sooner rather than later, be forced to evacuate the camp.

In preparation for this second - and far more likely scenario - he has held indoctrination meetings with selected residents of Camp Ashraf. These in the main are the older, veteran members, the sick and the disaffected.

He has told them that if the Iraqis "attack" the camp to remove them, they will be either massacred or, if they survive, sent to Iran and executed, therefore they must do all they can to resist such an outcome, even to die in the attempt to save him and the MEK. He has callously and cynically prepared them for martyrdom over a false cause. Of course they have no way of checking the reality of what Rajavi has told them.

So what of the other residents of Camp Ashraf who are not being indoctrinated for martyrdom? Quite simply they are part of a process of asset stripping the camp. Anyone for whom Rajavi has any use whatsoever, of any rank or any ability, will be removed from the camp and sent to Europe and North America. Indeed, this process has already begun. This is why 200 are missing. They have already been smuggled out of the camp.

Some of those sent to the west are people who can make problems if they get arrested in Iraq. MEK loyalists like Keshmiri and Kolahi who were responsible for exploding the Hizb-e Jomhouri HQ and the Prime Minister's office in the early 1980s. Both have been seen recently in the suburbs of Cologne in Germany.

More will be coming as Rajavi asset strips the camp before handover.

An agreement was struck during the last week between the US and the Iraqi secret services to remove Massoud Rajavi from Camp Ashraf so the Iraqi plan to close the camp can start. The only place Rajavi will be safe is in the MEK's second base at Auvers sur Oise near Paris. The Americans will facilitate his transfer and then surface him as a signal to begin the closure of the camp.

Preparations are underway to re-launch Massoud Rajavi after nearly nine years in hiding. One plan which is being considered right now in Paris is to coordinate attacks on Iraqi and Iranian embassies as elements in America are really hurt by Iraq's refusal to grant US citizens immunity from prosecution, and by Iran's refusal to compromise its nuclear programme - not to mention the downing of a CIA drone plane.

It would appear that the CIA backed mission to transfer Camp Ashraf residents to Canada, America and Europe is only a preliminary to further activities.

Then will it be clear how rewarding Rajavi's asset stripping will be to the MEK's backers.

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