Representing families of Iranian victims of terrorism, Habilian Association organized a conference themed “Iran victim of terrorism; From MEK to ISIS” on the occasion of national day of combating terrorism on August 30.

Following is the full text of Habilian’s Statement read in the conference on behalf of families of Iranian victims of terrorism:
In the name of God
Iran is a victim of terrorism. This is not just a claim or a political motto; It is a part of our country’s historical reality. Terrorism is a serious threat, not only to our country, but also to the whole world. It is a tool for anti-popular groups and a chance for some states to spread terror and disrupt peace and security of people.
Since the 1st day after the Islamic Revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran has fell victim to terrorism; As streets and alleys of our country’s cities have witnessed the blood of 17000 of their best men and women spilled on the ground.
Anti-Revolution groups from the Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MEK, MKO, NCRI, PMOI, etc) to groups with separatist claims which conducted brutal and savage terrorist acts in the name of people, and their followers today, have continued the same terrorist approach with the excuse of religious disputes. Regarding to its long record of terrorist activities, MEK could be rightfully named as the father of ISIS.
Terrorism in Iran has been a phenomenon without border which has encompassed all people; From government officials to civilians, politicians, scientists, innocent women and children, border guards, scholars and clerics, Shias and Sunnis have all been on the terror list.
But today we see Iran, one of the biggest victims of terrorism in the world, named as a state-sponsor of terrorism as a result of poisonous propaganda of imperialist states and anti-Iran groups. This goes on until where there is no place in the so-called human rights reports of the UN for the assassination of an Iranian 4-year-old kid or a 70-year-old man by terrorist groups.
We, families of Iranian victims of terrorism, believe to achieve a world without violence and terror in all aspects, there is a need for a strong determination by international communities comprised of all countries. We also believe it is necessary to remind the global community and international entities that terrorism could be stopped by on-time reactions and remaining committed to international obligations and protesting bullying and one-sided policies of great powers.


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