124 Iranian residents who came to our country as members of the MEK organization have rejected the organization and its ideology, but risk suffering the same fate as in Iraq where dozens of murders were reported.

Fax News

Translated by Iran Interlink

Fax News has revealed the measures that state police have implemented since 21st of February this year in order to protect and guarantee their lives.

Invited to the Fax News studio, former Military Intelligence Director Ylli Zyla said that a good number of the Mojahedin that are in our country are elderly and do not pose a high risk.

Zyla said further that the security services in our country are keeping these people under surveillance.

Why was Albania chosen to bring the Mojahedin here?! Zyla says: There are many problems because Albania is called a small and fragile country. To be realistic, if these people were taken to France or England, the weight of their relationship with Iran would be more nuanced. Because there are no other foreign communities in Albania, it was easier to accommodate them here, though their past is what it is. They operate a closed, centrally controlled system. All members who communicate with other persons, whether in Albania or in Iran, are considered traitors.

“The Mojahedin were used in violent, deadly terrorist actions in the war between Iran and Iraq. They do not pose an obvious danger to national security now since they are not young; most of them are old aged.

If our authorities in Albania are affected by these Iranians – they are very powerful in our region, through organizations and foundations – then the situation could deteriorate. In Albania there are three Iranian organizations that have come to our country. The leaders of these organizations have an influence on politics and the Iranian government.

The Mojahedin themselves recognise their own past and as they do not have a profession they are hopeless people. Their only fame is that they reported that Iran was developing nuclear weapons, and this bought them credit with the United States.

The security services have the ability to control this mass of people and the work of their ranks. They have no way of influencing Iranian politics and they have a rule that they cannot get married”, said Zyla.


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