Now it has been made possible to transfer another 210 to a place of safety, the MEK has refused to allow anyone to leave Camp Liberty. Of course this may be linked to news that over half of the MEK members who now reside in Tirana have renounced the group and have begun to speak out about human rights abuses inside Camp Liberty.

It may seem a bit late, but ex-San Diego mayor Bob Filner, who quit office following revelations of sexual harassment last summer, has just received a warning from California's Fair Political Practices Commission. In a letter dated July 23, commission senior counsel Neal Bucknell calls out Filner for accepting what it calls an "unlawful gift" of travel from an Iranian-American group that provided an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe beginning on June 21 of last year.

"Comrades in Arms" unfolds the story of those women who fell for deceptive slogans of the MEK. Looking for a brighter future these women ended up in Camp Ashraf, where a fate worse than death awaited them. 

"There are talks between the Iranian and Iraqi officials on the issue of Monafeqin the crimes of this grouplet are known to everyone and they are a terrorist group which has killed 17,000 Iranians. There are numerous documents existing in this regard and we have always urged the Iraqi government to extradite them to Iran," Afkham told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

On his participation in an MKO gathering in France a long time ago, Senator Dallier told Tasnim that he had no idea it was a rally staged by the terrorist group: "All of a sudden, I realized I am sitting next to individuals from other countries. Actually, that day I went there, a general gathering, without any specific plans... At the end of the program I left and have had no contacts with the group ever since".

The anti-Iran terrorist group the M-K-O has tried for years to whitewash its bloody and treacherous past, and they have even been removed from the terrorist list of the European Union and the United States. But when they were confronted with a demonstration against their presence in France, members of the group resorted to their usual violent tactics.

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