On July 22, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to address an Iranian-American audience at the Reagan Presidential Library in California. The speech is part of a deliberate policy of escalating tensions with Iran, targeting its economy and supporting Iranian opposition groups—all for the purpose of pressuring and destabilizing Iran. At least one member of an Iranian terrorist group that has killed American citizens will also be in attendance. But it won’t be to disrupt Pompeo’s speech; rather, to support it. In fact, the member is on the invitation list.

Terrorists are good as long as when they help you make more money no matter how dangerous they are.

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While former New York mayor and the current attorney of the US president Rudy Giuliani was performing–symbolically tearing the Iran deal– on the scene of the Mujahedin Khalq’s event in Washington, most people could expect Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal on Tuesday. The cheering MKO-led audience praised him for his call for “regime change” in Iran but Giuliani was widely questioned for his financial ties with the strange cult with the blood of American citizens in its hands.

Jonathan Vankin of the INQUISITR website writes about MKO-Giuliani connections, ”Specifically,“America’s Mayor” has long-standing financial ties to a shadowy anti-government and anti-American Iranian group that spent 15 years on the United States government list of “foreign terrorist organizations,” and is known to be responsible for numerous attacks on Americans — including the murders of three U.S. military officers and three independent civilian U.S. contractors. The same group, known as the MEK, supported and may have even taken part in the seizure of American hostages at the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979.” [1]

Vankin details the financial dealings between the MKO and its supporters in the United States quoting the Politico. “The MEK, or Mujahidin e-Khalq, paid Giuliani an annual fee of at least $20,000 for many years, for what a report by Politico magazine called “brief appearances before the group and for lobbying to have it removed from the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” he writes. “But in addition to its long history of anti-American violence, the MEK is generally considered a cult, with members fanatically devoted to the group’s leader, Massoud Rajavi, and his wife, Maryam Rajavi.” [2]

The MKO is very welcomed by the US warmongers like John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani. This mostly seems to be the issue of money. Once designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the US state Department and currently considered as a violent Cult of personality by various American or international bodies the MKO would not be embraced so warmly in Washington unless there is a beneficial deal.

”When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, the MEK was designated as a “hostile force,” due to its support for then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.” asserts the INQUISITR’s contributor. “The group also took part in Saddam’s bloody suppression of a Kurdish uprising after the first Gulf War in 1991, according to the RAND study.” [3]

Besides, as a successful businessman Donald Trump has indicated that profitable financial deals with wealthy Saudi Arabians is worth risking the international peace. More wars in the Middle East results in more weapon deals with the Saudis. According to a last year’s report on the Independent, “Donald Trump has signed the largest arms deal in history with Saudi Arabia despite warnings he could be accused of being complicit in war crimes and after blaming Saudi Arabia himself for producing the terrorists behind 9/11.” [4]

Thus, terrorists are good as long as when they help you make more money no matter how dangerous they are. As Vankin accurately puts, “The MEK took Iraq’s side in the bloody, eight-year Iran-Iraq War that dragged on from 1980 to 1988, fighting against the military of its own home country. As a result,the group is said to be widely despised even today inside Iran.” [5]

He cites the RAND report describing the “cultic practices” of the MKO, “which had Giuliani on its payroll” and saying that MKO members must recite “an oath of devotion to the Rajavis on the Koran,” and pledge themselves to a practice of “mandatory divorce and celibacy” with “love for the Rajavis to replace love for spouses and family.” [6]

“But the Rajavis themselves were exempt from these strict rules governing their followers’ loyalty and sexual behavior,” he adds. [7]

Josh Marshal of the TPM website also write, “Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) is a notorious cult-like group of Iranian exiles which appears to have close to literally zero support inside Iran but has for years cultivated significant ties to DC Iran “regime change” advocates as well as a bipartisan list of shills willing to take their money (of which they have quite a lot).” [8]

It’s been many years that a large number of US journalists and foreign policy experts have warned about the MKO-US deals. Daniel Larison of the American Conservative has always been one of the critics of the American promoters of the MKO. “It bears repeating that the MEK is widely hated in Iran because the group fought against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war, and the vast majority of Iranians wants nothing to do with them,” he states. “Treating this group or any of its fronts as a legitimate or serious Iranian opposition movement is a horrible mistake, and the former and current officials that support the MEK should be held accountable for helping to promote an awful group in the service of a bad cause that most Iranians don’t support.” [9]

However, the American sponsors of the MKO ignore the facts that about the MKO’s true violent nature. They prefer to use the group as a means for their war plans. Preferring to see the group as a tool for their war plans. In response the MKO is so excited and happy to see it is being used as a proxy force for US war plan in the Middle East. This is because its leaders are aware that they do not have any base in Iran and they are not wanted and welcome by Iranians. The MKO in its turn is so excited that it is used as a proxy force in the US war plans in the Middle East because its leaders are certainly disillusioned when they find out that they are not welcome by the Iranian people at all. Instead, they have to totally depend on the US in order to get on the US-led war machine to achieve what they oddly call “peaceful regime change”.  Of course they are disillusioned about this achievement.

By Mazda Parsi


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Experts and political representatives from Albania were in the European Parliament last week, asking Europe for help in preventing the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) from toxifying their country’s internal and foreign relations. MEPs Ana Gomes and Patricia Lalonde hosted a round-table meeting, titled ‘Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) threat in Albania’ to discuss the problem.

Casting blame on those responsible for the rise of the Islamic State in various parts of the Middle East and its disconcerting extension into other parts of the world is a futile exercise. The fact that the Islamic State has developed a global sphere of influence and is able to spread instability unimpeded necessitates detailed investigation, but it is important to note that the current state of affairs is the result of the faults, shortcomings, and negligent decision-making of many actors. What matters now is that the Islamic State is making advances on multiple fronts and the international community is barely committed and insufficiently united to be able to tackle its unchecked growth.

It has been near two decades that the Mujahedin Khalq Organizaion (the MKO/MEK/ the PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) propagate its fabrications on Iran’s nuclear program and eventually Iran hawks in the United States and Israel fearmonger about the “threat” of Iran.

A UK report on modern slavery identifies its various manifestations – sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and domestic servitude – concluding that increased awareness results in an increase in detection and reporting. But, with trafficking at the root of much modern slavery it is clearly a worldwide phenomenon, not limited to the west or to any particular country.

The crucial question for many people is that why people join cults. In fact, people do not join cults. Most of the time incidentally they find themselves in a cult that is successful in gaining their trust and loyalty. A large number of people who were recruited by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (The MKO/ MEK / the Cult of Rajavi /PMOI) found themselves trapped in the bars of the group many years after their recruitment.

Joseph Lieberman, long regarded as the “Republicans’ favorite Democrat” because of his militarist foreign affairs agenda and support for a number of right-wing domestic policies, represented Connecticut initially as a Democrat and later as an “Independent Democrat” in the U.S. Senate. First elected to the Senate in 1988, Lieberman retired at the end of his term in 2013.

The tensions between North Korea and the United States have escalated in the past days. The United States is preparing for all options, including a “preemptive war,” to stop North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. President Trump has stated that the US will not tolerate “North Korea being able to threaten the United States.” On the other side, North Korea says it will not give up on its nuclear deterrence unless Washington ends its hostile policy toward Pyongyang and dissolves the US-led UN command in South Korea. Thousands of US soldiers are stationed in South Korea and Japan. This preventative actions by the US government were taking place while some of its Congress senators were visiting with the leader of the Mujahedin Khalq (the MKO, MEK, the Cult of Rajavi) that is a small North Korea, itself.

President Trump is no fan of Iran. As a candidate, he had promised to tear up the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Having been frustrated in his attempts to do that — at least for now — the administration and its backers have been rumbling about changing the regime.

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