Not only has the U.S. funded the MEK, but it has also provided support to the Jundallah and the PPK, two more non-state terror organizations with deep connections to attacks on Iran and Turkey.

It therefore strikes this author as hypocritical that the U.S. pretended to act so shocked in discovering that other countries or organizations might actually decide to engage in exactly the same type of behavior that is displayed by the U.S. and which constitutes a good deal of its foreign policy.

However, it is absolutely criminal that the U.S. would use these terrorist groups to kill Iranians while demanding that Iran be attacked over a lie purposely laid by a supposed ally with the complicity of U.S. officials in order to foment war with Iran. This seems to be nothing more than a false flag and disinformation campaign directed against the American people.

It seems the "Petraeusization" of the CIA and its use as a tool to further U.S. war aims through deception and false flag operations has come full circle, or the CIA has become nothing more than an organization of useful stooges for the designs of Israel and the other non-state terror organizations it supports.

It should also be noted that Israel had already threatened NATO ally Turkey with supporting PPK terror against that nation after Turkey complained about unarmed Turkish and American humanitarian workers being killed execution style during an act of piracy by the IDF on the open sea against an international aid flotilla.

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