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The followings are some methods used by the MKO to cope with dissident members who opposed the MKO's move to Iraq:

1. They were killed under the scenario designated by some of their extremist comrades

2. They were shot by their own comrades who had no idea who they were shooting at.(like what happened in Al-Shaabania Operation)

3. They were sent on armed mission inside Iran and then the group leaders would betray their haven to the Iranian government.

4. They were imprisoned in prisons in Camp Ashraf, where they were tortured to give up their disagreement with the group otherwise they would be transfered to abu Quraib prison.

Most of the defectors of the group who had first joined it before Islamic Revolution, stated that they were shocked by the deviations took place in the organization after its leadership was excluded to Massoud Rajavi.

This man has highly obsessive ideas against males. He replaced all male members of their Elite Council with female members. At the present time the top number two and three of the organization are two women respectively Maryam Rajavi and Mahvash Sepehri. Even the commander of Camp Ashraf is a woman called Mozhgan Parsaiee.

One of the female defectors of the group, Batoul Soltani says: "when Massoud Rajavi had a meeting with a woman, no man was allowed to enter. Men became Minor to women after the ideological revolution. This woman-holic is so smart; he has a deep insight that has so far helped him maintain his activities."

About Massoud Rajavi, she says: "all dictators around the world believe in at least a few limitations for themselves. For example, some dictators try to preserve their dignity and pride and say,' I don't make relations with America or Soviet Union'. But Massoud Rajavi had links with the US and other Western countries while he claimed to struggle against Imperialism, at the same time he was connected to the Soviet Union too. No ideological limits prevented him from working with either of them."

One can accurately grant Massoud Rajavi the title "political genius" because of his methods of controlling bodies and minds of his group members hence no one is found in the organization, who is not afraid of him, even if members hate him whole-heartedly.

Before going to his manipulation methods to control bodies and soles, let's have a look on his recruitment methods:

1. They recruit the 17 to 22 year-old youth by chanting slogans; they claim that they struggle against religious extremism and reactionary Islam and for freedom of Iranian nation.

2. They trap young Iranians under the pretext of transferring to Europe. A large number of human smugglers who worked for the MKO in Turkey and Pakistan had been cooperating with two travel agencies called Nabtia and Delta, according to a document obtained from Intelligence Service of former Iraqi Baath regime.

Based on the document, when an Iranian young wanted to immigrate to Europe, the smuggler would convince him to go there via Baghdad and Jordan. They would be transferred to Iraq through Jordan without having any official document, just with the help of both countries' security services.

However, keeping these individuals in the organization required some procedures and tactics used by the group.

1 - Exhausting Labour
All members work (physically active) 16 to 18 hours a day so that they find no time to think. I refer to one of Rajavi's quotes in a meeting with his Elite Council: "I ask you to turn them into skinny and boney guys in order that they are not able to oppose."

2 - Physical and mental surveillance
In Camp Ashraf nobody is allowed to traverse alone. Every member has to be in company with a superior or inferior comrade. In Auver sur d'Oise the MKO base in France, the number reaches three.

a. Individual exercising is forbidden.
b. Thinking is forbidden. Everyone who sits somewhere alone for a few moments has to then confess all his thoughts to his superior official.
c. Everyone has to supervise his or her comrades
d. No family contact is allowed
e. Government forces: in former Iraqi regime, security forces used to arrest those members who wanted to escape the camp. After the fall of that regime, such a thing didn't happen anymore. About Auver Sur d'Oise, the police have the responsibility.

3 - Hostage taking
Holding children as hostages: before 1991, organizational marriages took place in the organization. Members had to marry the spouse that was assigned for them by the group leaders. In 1991 when the first gulf war started the children who were the fruit of those marriages, were transferred to Europe. Seven hundred children were sent to European countries under the pretext of "dangerous war situation".

The kids were moved there under the cover of human rights organization that were actually front organization of the MKO with fake passports, then they would be delivered to European mothers. After the gulf war ended, all spouses were ordered to divorce under the title" Ideological Revolution". The organization held their children as hostages in order that members did not dare to escape.

4 - Fear and intimidation
a. Every member who attempts to leave or escape the base will be tortured and imposed severe peer pressure. Tens of his comrades will verbally and physically abuse him.

b. The members are all the time inculcated that if they escape the camp. They will be arrested and executed by Iranian forces. Here, I would cite a famous quote from Rajavi that is a significant proof of his notorious ideas:"we should all the time implement axe, bullet and pistol on the members."

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