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Sitting alongside a number of European and American personalities, whose countries allegedly bear the flag of a global war against terrorism, you can see the leader of a designated terrorist group in a conference held in the European Parliament in Brussels on February 7.

Of course, all personalities present in the conference, either those occupying an official post or formers, knew well who they were in her presence, Maryam Rajavi - the Paris based leader of a terrorist cult in the absence of her husband, Massoud Rajavi.

Among them you could see Jim Higgins, member of the European Parliament presided over the meeting, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice President of the European parliament; Struan Stevenson, President of Delegation for Relations with Iraq of the European Parliament; Howard Dean, former Chairman of the U.S. Democratic Party; John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland and former EU Ambassador to U.S.; Patrick Kennedy, U.S. Congressman (1995-2011); and Senator Robert Torricelli (1997-2003. The question raised in my mind is, what kind of relation could these people have with the representative of a terrorist cult still on the State Department's terrorist list?

I recall a time when Mojahedin, in the early days of Iranian Islamic revolution, reiterate their antagonism with the American imperialism in many published statements and articles in their own publications after the Islamic revolution.

In the first two years of the post-revolution, Mojahedin showed no open antagonism against the regime and tried to highlight a coalition with it to inoculate an extreme anti- imperialism and anti-American vision in the Islamic state and among the public. As part of their revolutionary slogans, they called for the establishment of a nationalist, democratic government that they hardly believed in as they consented to no system exclusive of socialism.

During the 9 month post-revolutionary period, from the victory of Iranian revolution in February to the takeover of the American Embassy in November 1979, Mojahedin frequently accused all religious leaders, except Ayatollah Khomeini and mostly for political considerations, and ranking authorities of negotiating and compromising with American imperialism especially after Brzezinski-Bazargan fortuitous, brief meeting in Algiers on 1 November 1979.

The importance of the embassy takeover lies in the fact that the incident turned into a golden opportunity for Mojahedin Khalq to start an extensive political-ideological propaganda. It might be true to say Mojahedin hardly played any role in the occupation of the embassy, but their role to aggravate the situation to turn it into a crisis lasting for 444 days is an undeniable truth.

Concerning this fact as a part of the group's anti-imperialist struggle, in the US State Department's report of 1994 we read; "As part of that struggle, they assassinated at least six American citizens, supported the takeover of the U.S. embassy, and opposed the release of American hostages".

But Mojahedin fail to recall that while Iranian authorities tried to achieve a solution to end the crisis, it was Mojahedin who through numerous announcements and messages draw sketches for total annihilation of imperialism, warned against possibly made concession vis-à-vis America's threats and announced their readiness for nay military confrontation with it.

They repeatedly proposed their own logical anti-imperialist suggestions to regime's authorities to confront America, including seizure and confiscation of American assets in Iran and annulment of all signed contracts and drawing a sketch for total annihilation of imperialism.

Evidences never fail to reveal the truth. There are numerous facts published in Mojahedin's publications that prove the critical role of the organization in intensifying the created tension and crisis to advance their so called anti-imperialism objectives and to win a public support to initiate an aggressive campaign against the main Capitalist camp, namely America.

Maybe Mojahedin never anticipated that in less than two decades they would have to make desperate attempts to acquit themselves of what they refer to as the accusations and its leaders would sit alongside some retired imperialist fed officials urging them to support the group out of some crises.

For sure Mojahedin are the same leopards that have never changed their spots and the American sides are well aware whom they have leashed. But to sit with them at the same table, even if for political interests and causes, seems to be as illogical as unleashing beasts that could well terrorize the world for a mere achievement of trumpeted democracy the group itself has the least faith in. and I hear many people asking: If Mojahedin Khalq is a terrorist group, why are its supporters allowed to serve in Congress?


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