Terrorism in our time is the manifestation of Nihilism, which is of requires of the novel and modernized world and one can find a symbol of it in all aspects of today's world. Even one can say that in the current situation terrorists and nihilists, who have arisen from non-Western ethnics and cultures, have taken their Nihilism from the West and regrettably this has been their major share of Modernity. 


Dr. Reza Davari Ardakani


Do terrorists threaten America from the outside?

When we are called that terrorism is a danger that threatens the civilized world from the outside, we should note that no civilization has eliminated merely by attack and invasion of a foreign military. The old civilizations, which so many times had been invaded by outsiders, were not destroyed with the political and military conquest of enemy until they were disintegrated from within. Did Mongols who invaded Iran succeed to destroy its civilization?

...Look at the terrorists. Do they have come from outside? Where have brought their weapons and what they want to destroy? Terrorists have taken their weapons from America, but can they destroy American culture and values with the weapons that they have borrowed from America?

It is one of the strangest wonders that some terrorists, who are enemies of a great and dominant civilization throughout the world, can annihilate its values by weapons that they take from the enemy. Do they want to annihilate Western civilization and renew and strengthen their civilization with instruments that have been produced in the West (might say that means do not matter, motive and purpose and end is important)?

If they said that a thought comes from outside and gradually counteract western thought and culture and values, we could examine and look for that, but the question is that some terrorists become so familiar with American language and culture and with science and technology and the technical system that can deactivate advanced communication systems.

The terrorists who are familiar with American language and technology not only are not opposed to the American civilization, but they are appendages of this civilization and of its complications. (And their terrorism is not Irrelevant to their situation of "being in Purgatory" [terrorist neither has world nor has history. He has been cut from the past and has not joined the future].)

...It is true that in the world of politics terrorism and its hullaballoo are exploited, but terrorism has not come from outside and do not threaten the Americans' world from outside. The terrorism that Americans think and pretend that has come from outside and has threatened American civilization is homeborn and lives in their own homes.

Of course it is difficult to account American liberalism containing of terrorism, because, in a shallow mind's eye, liberalism is considered all good and liberal and we cannot imagine that Fascism and Terrorism have a place in the darks of its existence. Terrorism in our time is the manifestation of Nihilism, which is of requires of the novel and modernized world and one can find a symbol of it in all aspects of today's world. Even one can say that in the current situation terrorists and nihilists, who have arisen from non-Western ethnics and cultures, have taken their Nihilism from the West and regrettably this has been their major share of Modernity.

When some persons trace origins of terrorism in somewhere outside of the West and deem that western civilization has been placed at risk from the outside, this implicates westerners' fear and weakness, and insecurity in the West's historical foundation. In other word, with this event and hereinafter Western history enters in other phase.

So far in the West it was pretended that Fascism and Nazism had been enemies of the western civilization that have grown within it. Also, they considered Stalinism legacy of czars' empire. America now has the same behavior that Hitlerians were doing under the name of Germany. Hitler, however, did not claim representation of the entire world, but now America claims preservation and rescue of American values and accounts these values universal values.

Do terrorists are opposed with Modernity and fight America because it is supporter of freedom and they do not like America's support for freedom?

When such a statement is called, of course there should be some examples that trouble the world in order to disrupt Justice (where a sign of it is existent). Although the oppressive, autocratic and aggressive regimes in our time are failed in Modernity, they are not its enemies and most of them have been authorized by western powers and they have violated people's rights and Western values. If sometimes people have supported these regimes they have had no intention to support the tyranny and in fact fighting to establish the tyranny is a pointless notion.

It is said that the terrorists who counter with freedom are not aware of their hostility with freedom, but they are captive in prison of their dogmatic beliefs and even they do not know freedom and do not know that they fight with science and progress and welfare and freedom. Perhaps there is no conflict upon the fact that people of world regions, In terms of belonging to principles and rules and practices of Modernity, are in different and various stages, but people, who are in different and contradictory degrees of Modernity, are not enemies of Modernity.


Unless one says that terrorists never have belonged to the modernized world and they have come from another world to annihilate the modernized world's values. Two worlds do not oppose together merely because they are different and contradictory, but normally those who oppose together belong to one world or at least there are some common interests upon which they oppose and struggle.

By the Rah- Nama Monthly

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