Dr. Reza Davari Ardakani
Iranian philosopher and university professor

Obviously, terrorism, as an external threat, has not drawn American policy to the current path, but this policy develops terrorism and increases its threat. However, speaking truly, terrorism is an American made and its theory. America has replaced terrorism with its former opponent, Soviet Union and the political- military East Bloc.

Yesterday, communism and the East Bloc were the enemies of America and American Civilization; and today, terrorism has put America in danger. With this illusion, America itself becomes a Pseudo terrorist power and this is America's weak point.

Principally and regardless of historical considerations, wherever and whenever that terrorism appears, it is a sign of weakness and despair. Terrorist kills and destroys motivated by malice. He has no hope of victory and he would be content if he can create consternation among the peoples.

Terrorism is result of no culture and civilization, so that one can find some of its examples in the old world. However, the last bicentenary terrorism has specific qualities. Each civilization, wherever it comes from, may reach a stage that terrorism comes up from it. Instead of examining that terrorism occurs in what circumstances, perhaps it would be easier to ask about the common characteristics of terrorists. It seems that:

A- Terrorist claims to take over and carry out a great work.
B- Terrorist, in his mind's eye, dies to fight off an evil or to save a truth or an idea.
C- Terrorist creates fear and panic in order to be satisfied.
D- Terrorist thinks that he has no way except the way of terror. He thinks no other way and if he does, immediately concludes that all the ways have reached to deadlock.
E- Terrorist, although sometimes considers himself firmly believing, in fact is superficial and he is weak in his faith.
F- Terrorist neither has world nor has history. He has been cut from the past and has not joined the future.

So, terrorism is the result of keeping oneself out of thinking, action and belief; and belonging to nothing.

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