Trump’s base would be shocked to discover that influential members of his administration are vocal supporters of a cultish Islamo-communist terrorist group.

 Andrew Korybko

The open support that leading figures of the Trump Administration have given to the “People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran” (officially called the “Mojahedin-e Khalq”, hence the conventional MEK abbreviation) is a betrayal of the President’s base. This organization can only be described as a cultish Islamo-communist terrorist group because of its attempts to fuse political Islam & communism, as well as its history of killing Americans that previously resulted in its inclusion on the State Department’s terrorist list until Hillary took them off in 2012. That said, Rudy Giuliani was previously on the group’s payroll as a lobbyist and speaker, while National Security Advisor John Bolton is one of its most influential advocates.

Prima facie, it’s inexplicable that a President who publicly takes such a strong stand against political Islam, communism, and terrorism would be close to two figures – one of whom is the US’ top advisor on national security issues – who are allied with an organization that embodies all three of the ideologies that Trump built his domestic reputation around opposing, but there’s actually a reason why the shadowy MEK has such prominent backers in the administration. Simply put, the MEK is the most effective Hybrid War weapon to ever be wielded against Iran, and Trump has no compunctions about following in Saddam Hussein’s footsteps and using the group against the Islamic Republic.

It’s Machiavellian to the core and embodies the simplistic mantra of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but this is nevertheless the strategy that the Trump Administration is applying as part of its “Plan B” against Iran. As some cynics like to say, “the ends justify the means”, and this Hyper-Realist mentality is indeed very effective in yielding results, though at the obvious expense of morals, ethics, and principles. Trump, who fashions himself as being the opposite of his predecessor in every sense, is actually continuing Obama’s legacy by “legitimizing” this Islamo-communist terrorist group that his hated rival Hillary removed from the State Department’s terrorist list.

“Politics makes for strange bedfellows”, as the clichéd quote goes, and war makes for even stranger ones, but Trump’s veritably taking this concept to its most Machiavellian extreme by siding with an organization which stands for everything that his base is against. The typical Trump supporter hates political Islam, communism, and terrorism, though all three of these ideologies come together in a Hybrid War Molotov cocktail that Bolton wants to proudly hurl at Iran as soon and as often as possible. Just like the US’ support for the Afghan mujahedin in the Old Cold War contradicted many of Americana’s values, so too does its support for the MEK do the same in the New Cold War.

Average Americans aren’t likely to turn against Trump just because of this, no matter how disgusted they may be at discovering that their tax dollars are funding Islamo-communist terrorists in the Mideast, but this revelation might nevertheless deepen their political apathy in general by convincing them that it’s ultimately impossible to “drain the swamp”. After all, practically no one in Trump’s base could have ever thought that “Making America Great Again” would entail supporting a group such as the MEK, but then again, the “deep state” – for all of the hate that it receives from Trump and many Americans – is still a “necessary evil” for executing the US’ grand strategy and maintaining its unipolar hegemony that makes the American way of life possible.


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