An official in U.S. President Donald Trump's Cabinet and at least one of his advisers gave paid speeches for an Iranian exile group that killed Americans before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, ran donation scams and saw its members set themselves on fire over the arrest of their leader.

Referring to the indiscriminate rocket warfare against civilians described as a victory by the MeK, de Mistura said, "Those who argue that this is meant to relieve the siege of eastern Aleppo should be reminded that nothing justifies the use of disproportionate and indiscriminate weapons, including heavy ones, on civilian areas and it could amount to war crimes."

The MeK leadership views the regional developments as in Syria and Yemen not as they really are, but as he wishes them to be. In their calculations, the international players are the winner and Iran will be the loser.

The requirements to reinstate the MeK organization and its relations are support from the external element and standing of the internal elements. To obtain the first requisite, Maryam Rajavi and her husband thought by getting out of the terrorist list and making lobbies in the United States, they can gain America's support. But, as always, Rajavis were in the wrong.

Rajavi is not a normal man. He is a different person and knowing him is a different job. Rajavi's illness is odd and very dangerous. For myself, I've seen different persons at all levels but I dare to say that I've never seen anyone like him who has no boundaries in no field except self-preservation. I think that anybody has a boundary that eventually stops over it. Ordinary persons no way can break boundaries into infinity. It requires madness; an exceptional madness that Rajavi has it. He is the only one who still hunts for new boundaries to burst it and be satisfied.

The new statement of MeK's leadership and the meeting they held recently indicates that the terrorist group has no choice but to fight against dissidents physically. Undoubtedly any adventure in this field will have immediate consequences for security of the MeK. Actually, any thuggish action in western countries is intolerable and they will be faced with overwhelming response!

The main point in Ted Poe's statements is that the MeK has renounced terrorism. Such efforts by U.S officials like Mr. Poe to cover up the group's terrorist nature indicate U.S statesmen reaction against the proposal to recognition of the MeK as a democratic and non violent opposition of the Iranian government. So, once again it becomes clear that despite Rajavi's illusions, getting out of the U.S terrorist list has changed nothing.

In the America's new game, charismatic leadership, organizing ability, willingness to sacrifice and fighting power no longer are useful alone. Instead, popular support, social and political acceptability and transparency in relations are elements that maintain an "undesirable alternative" which is loyal to rules of the new game. This is the only solution for the Mek to convert from part of the problem to part of the solution.

Rajavi's "openings" and his so-called "Solidarity Front" never were deep-rooted and actual. If they were, at first, hanging on various European and U.S parliamenters- especially after removing from the U.S terrorist list- was not intensified. Secondly, solidarity requires formal and open review of past policy and making changes in the MeK's organization and its business, as a sign of readiness to accept the new situation. Thirdly, in order to be "open", the MeK should give up cult rituals, at least in the appearance. In other words, openness of the MeK means its non existence.

To end Rajavi hostage, UN special envoy, instead of asking Rajavi to issue a command to cooperation of the residents of Camp Liberty, should accomplish his legal obligations and conduct interviews with every residents of the camp. Of course, according to the policy and ideology of UNHCR in refugee camps around the world, Mr. Kobler should not allow foreign forces to interfere in the status of camp residents.

At first it should be noted that regardless of specific individuals named in the Pentagon report and their alleged relations with the Iranian government, which is raised unauthentic and ambiguous, the flow of defection from the MeK is accepted and believed by the world public opinion. More absurd than Rajavi's striving to eliminate dissidents is her scramble to prove existence of the terrorist group MEK.

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