"This is our red line!" Bargh Zahedi underlined. "How can we leave our organized movement? The answer is clear: to be (in Camp Ashraf), or not to be!"

AFP reported from Brussels that MoHammad Mohaddesin, head of Foreign Commission for NCR, who spoke on behalf of Camp Ashraf residents, has said: "We deny American plan to displace thousands of Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf inside the Iraq."(1)

"Sena Bargh Zahedi", another abroad member of Rajavi's gang, says: "Butler tells us that we should be displaced to a new location, and yet we should proceed to dissolve and abolish the organization, and leave situation to the individuals, in order to allow High Commissioner for Refugees to register each of us as a political refugee".

"This is our red line!" Bargh Zahedi underlined. "How can we leave our organized movement? The answer is clear: to be (in Camp Ashraf), or not to be!"(2)

Saying that we are not responsible for the Future massacre, but they are Butler and the U.S, this high ranking MeK member declares MeK gang leader's decision about the future of Camp Ashraf residents: "Not to be!"

Louis Freeh, the former Director of the FBI and MeK supporter, said: "American proposal is not reasonable; and that is such as some one in 1938 suggested that Jews should be displaced in impoverished areas of Warsaw and they should abandon their religious organization."

Manoochehr Hezarkhani, a NCR member has stated: "(Butler) perhaps already has considered that if the matter was peacefully resolved, the better: another victory for the policy of middlemen and political brokers; But if was not, I give up charity and look for mercenaries of al-Maliki to establish the sovereignty of Iraq in Camp Ashraf."

Mr. Peyman, former member of the Tudeh Party, and today ally of Mujahideen, once again insists on the Mek leadership's decision about the future of Camp Ashraf residents: "Henceforth, the United States is responsible for the blood that will be shed in camp Ashraf."

1) AFP report from the MeK meeting in Brussels
2) Ilaf Web Site

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