But now, abandoning America's solemn promise and undercutting the West's fight against the Iranian nuclear breakout, the White House is acquiescing in the plans of Maliki to tilt towards Iran by sending the MEK dissidents to face death in the Iraqi desert.

According to MeK's web sites, an article named "American Credibility at Risk on Foreign Policy Front, Too", written by Michael Mukazi, Tom Ridge, and Louis Frey, three MeK supporters in the U.S, is published on Fox News , which warns of Undermined credibility of America in Iraq, because of lack of support of the Mujahideen.
The authors compare what they portray "Undermined credibility of America in Iraq" whit the U.S recent economic crisis, and have described Obama's foreign policy at risk.
Mek supporters claim that "the Obama White House has meekly surrendered to Maliki's ambitions, rather than use American economic and diplomatic muscle with Baghdad".
MeK supporters write:
Despite this, in a panicked haste to exit from Iraq, the Obama White House is abandoning the 3,400 members of the MEK - including young men, women and children - who are living in exile in a camp near Baghdad and intends to leave them to the indelicate mercy of Iraq's new Shia prime minister, the Mullahs' good friend Nouri al-Maliki. This is more than a local issue: the people of "Camp Ashraf," as it is called have relatives in the United States and Europe who care about their fate.
Until now, the MEK dissidents have lived in the Iraqi camp, 40 miles from Baghdad, with a guarantee of Geneva Convention status as "protected persons" - a promise made in writing by a United States general in 2004 after the MEK disarmed. But now, abandoning America's solemn promise and undercutting the West's fight against the Iranian nuclear breakout, the White House is acquiescing in the plans of Maliki to tilt towards Iran by sending the MEK dissidents to face death in the Iraqi desert.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Lawrence Butler told the beleaguered Iranian exiles that "you only have me" and callously proposed that they should agree to be scattered in small groups around Iraq where they can be killed quietly and out of sight. This, U.S. ambassador James Jeffrey has helpfully added, would be a "a bit safer" than remaining in the Ashraf camp.
At the same time, as if to frame the stage for an imminent Srebrenica-styled slaughter, the Obama administration has failed for over a year to answer the challenge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The federal judges said that there was no evidence to sustain the State Department claim that the MEK should be listed as a "terrorist" group when the group has foresworn the use of violence. Rather than ending this inappropriate listing - as our European allies have - the State Department has slow-rolled the Court and infuriated the Congress.
The American people and the Congress have never had the benefit of hearing from its charismatic Paris-based leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.
Unfortunately, the Obama administration seems not to be listening - and the result may be the further downgrading of American political credibility, with deadly and tragic consequences for the Ashraf residents and their U.S. families who relied on our word.

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