Question that arises is that what is the "peaceful solution" of MEK? Does the MeK's resistance against the helpful suggestions leave room for a peaceful resolution to this crisis?

Now seems that many variables which had affected on the situation of Camp Ashraf, have lost their efficiency, and residents of Ashraf should accept the Iraqi government's order and leave the camp.
The U.S, which was a supporter of MeK over the past 8 years, has stood down to take apart in this game and has proposed to remove the MeK in Iraq, which is Likely to be practical.
From the first, the Europeans did not interfere in this issue and the suggestions that were arisen by MeK gang leaders, under the name of European Parliament's plan not only weren't accepted by anyone, but they weren't even able to attract any attention.
UN, UNHCR and Red Cross are seeking ways to do, which ensure Iraq's sovereignty and include individual rights of the residents of Camp Ashraf. It could be deducted that these institutions are quiet careful about Propaganda tricks of a terrorist organization.
Despite political pressures from different areas, Iraqi government did not retreat from its stand, and he banned European and American delegates to meet with the MeK gang leaders and prevented them from interfering in the issue of MeK, and has always insisted that the case of this story will end this year.
Mujahideen consider Iraqi government's stand as a preparation for the future suppression, and introduce it as an obstacle against "Extensive efforts to find a peaceful solution".
Question that arises is that what is the "peaceful solution" of MEK? Does the MeK's resistance against the helpful suggestions leave room for a peaceful resolution to this crisis?
Now, after examining all possible options, and despite all the efforts of MeK leadership to continue their illegal presence in Iraq, There is no doubt that the key to a peaceful solution of this problem, surely that is allowing the troops to be transferred to another location and being registered by the High Commissioner for Refugees, is in the hand of MeK leadership and any other action by them constitutes that they are fallowing their purpose, which is Sacrificing the residents and making a blood bath in Camp Ashraf.

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