Is it so far-fetched then to suppose that in this alleged plot the MEK could have posed as a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and other agents to trap or implicate various parties in an essentially fictitious plot?

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The alleged assassination plot against a Saudi ambassador in the USA, has led to serious questions about those involved and who would actually gain from such an act.
In the atmosphere of doubt and disbelief engendered by this scandal the spotlight has once again focused on the Usual Suspects, and these include the mercenary terrorist group Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK, MKO, and PMOI).
Today the well informed Irandidban website claimed in its Persian section that the assassination plot against the life of the Saudi Ambassador to US more than likely the work of the intelligence section of the Washington-backed MEK terror group and the Israeli lobby.
Irandidban listed the press conferences, gatherings and speeches over the last few days (some of which had been planned well before the exposure of the failed plot) by various paid speakers closely affiliated with the Israeli lobby and Neoconservatives in Washington. Irandidban's article explained this theory thus:
Considering the open hand given to the terror group in the corridors of power in Washington, London and Brussels, and considering that the group has always been proud of its mercenary work and its connections with the criminal underground and illegal drug cartels it is not without foundation to suspect MEK involvement.
Over many years, specific use has been made of the MEK against Iran, Iraq and other countries in the fields of subversion and information gathering.
An example of this activity would be for MEK personnel to masquerade as officials of the targeted country to make telephone calls from Western countries to unsuspecting low level clerks and civil servants in order to gather information or insert misinformation into the chosen department. In some cases they have been known to pose as Revolutionary Guards.
Is it so far-fetched then to suppose that in this alleged plot the MEK could have posed as a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and other agents to trap or implicate various parties in an essentially fictitious plot?
Considering that the MEK has been backed by the Israeli lobby to demonize and otherwise act against Iran it is no surprise that the stated expectation of the MEK immediately after the announcement of the so-called failed terror attack that they should be now removed from the US terrorism list.
Isn't this the clearest indication yet that this whole debacle has been planned by the Israeli lobby and carried out by their favorite terror group to bring back instability in the region and divert attention from the ongoing Israeli crimes.

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