But the most important point in Mr. Coupler's speech, which is opposed to the idea of MeK and their supporters, relies in his clever answer to a question that whether the UN considers the Camp Ashraf residents' refugee a "collective" or an "individual" issue...

Iran Didban
Newton's Third Law of Motion says: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
on October 3, a press conference was held at the Iraq Cabinet building by the invitation of Iraqi Prime Minister's Office, and with the presence of the representative of the UN's Secretary General Mr. Martin Coupler, the Iraqi Prime Minister's senior advisor Mr. Georgios Yaqoob, and a number of International Human Rights organizations and ambassadors on the Iraqi government's position about the MeK presence in this country.

According to Reuters, Georgios Yaqoob has said at the press conference:" The request for more time to find a solution, without taking practical steps, will not solve the issue. But if there be immediate actions with the help of international partners to achieve this goal, the Iraqi government will decide."

To ensure the Iraqi government and to take practical measures, the UN Secretary General's representative, also has stressed that the talks with the Iraqi government will be started after Eid al-Adha.

This position means that the Iraqi government is informed about the intention of MEK and sponsors of terrorism and violence, and leaves no gap for delay and distortion of the deadline.

Also, Mr. Coupler's position indicates that he is in the law's behalf, and he is not in support for the MEK and sponsors of terrorism and violence, because, contrary to them, he is not demagogue, and emphasizes on avoiding uproar.

More important is that, just the opposite of MeK supporters' approach, who have announced that closure of Camp Ashraf is a red line unless a solution would be found, Coupler has discussed about the camp evacuation's mechanism in a technical commission, in which some of the European ambassadors were attended.

In a perfectly legal action, the UN Secretary General's Representative has validated the Iraqi government's vote, and stressed that the UN never will unilaterally interference in this case. Referring to the deadlock situation in which no country welcomes the MeK, he said:

"What we're doing is finding practical steps to move forward a process which presents the MeK a possibility to deploy. If the Iraqi government agrees, I am ready to get the issue and will coordinate with all interested parties."

But the most important point in Mr. Coupler's speech, which is opposed to the idea of MeK and their supporters, relies in his clever answer to a question that whether the UN considers the Camp Ashraf residents' refugee a "collective" or an "individual" issue, which is significant of two aspects:

• First, he announced that the MeK refugee is an individual and human rights issue, contrary to the MeK and their supporters who intend to make it a collective and political topic.
• Second, he declared that he is looking for secret diplomacy and behind talks with the Iraqi government is to find a peaceful solution.

So, hereafter any uproar, racket and propaganda move by the MeK and their supporters in Europe and America, Which is the result of secret collusion with the warmongers and the Zionist lobby, is done only with the aim of destruction of the UN's Special Representative and will prove that the MeK seek to create violence and clashes with the Iraqi government.


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